Experience Real Fantasy at these Enchanting Places of the World

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If you want to witness the enchanting world of fairies then step down into these famous places throughout the world.


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E x p e r i e n c e R e a l F a n t a s y a t t h e s e E n c h a n t i n g P l a c e s o f t h e W o r l d www.willowsfairyland.com W i l l o w s f a i r y l a n d

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Castles and gardens are in every story whether it is based on a real or an imaginary plot. If you want to witness the enchanting world of fairies then step down into these famous places throughout the world. These places will take you on an amazing roller coaster ride where every story you heard or watch will appear real to you.

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Bibury is a fascinating village of England this place has everything that will let you experience fantasy in all its forms. From ancient cottages of the 13th century to Biburys famous trout farm. Every place here has a rustic charm and your kid will get several fairy door decorating ideas visiting this spectacular place. 1. Bibury England

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This is a popular sculpture park on Pom mountain Thailand which contains numerous statues of angels Buddhist ministries and animals. The island on which it is situated is somewhat remote and requires a trip to the mountain. The story behind this place is not less than a fairy tale- A successful farmer Thongsuk created this garden for showing his love towards the land. At Tarmin you can find the statue of Thongsuk that depicts him holding hands with his father. 2. Tarnim Magic Garden Thailand

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Very few places in the world actually look like it is plucked from a fairy tale. Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most visited place in the world you will be amazed to know that it was actually the inspiration for the Disney Cinderella castle. During winters this place looks like the home of Disney princess Frozen. So are you ready to go 3. Neuschwanstein Castle Germany

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Situated in the city of Kanazawa this beautiful garden is considered one of “three great gardens of the Japan”. This garden composes a complex system of streams and ponds. Natural rivers fed the waterways in Kenroku-en Garden this garden is open all the year round so enjoy the cherry blossoms during springtime and evergreen flowers during winter. 4. Kenroku-en Garden Japan

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This medieval castle has everything that a dream castle should have. Inside the castle you will find a collection of artistic and historic museums. If you believe in fairies then you cant miss this place. 5. Bojnice Castle Slovakia For getting information on how to decorate a fairy door please visit https://willowsfairyland.com/.

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