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A slideshow show the process and steps that go into making a pair of PMC (Precious Metal Clay) earrings.


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piece Themaking of a

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PMC® (Precious Metal Clay) is a clay consisting of tiny silver particles in an organic binder. It comes in a lump and canbe worked much like anyother clay.

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While wet, the PMC is textured, shaped and cut…

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. . . assembled . . .

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…and dried.

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When the PMC is dry, repairs and refinements are made and the greenware is filed smooth.

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When it is completely dry, the PMC is fired at a temperature just under the melting point of the metal for a length of time to allow the metal particles to fuse together, also known as sintering.

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After firing, the silver is fully sintered. The piece appears to have a white film on it. However, that is the silver particles “standing up.” Burnishing compacts the molecules and makes the piece shinier.

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At this point, the piece is fine silver (99.9 percent silver) and can be filed, soldered, polished and worked like any other silver piece. This pair of earrings was given a patina with Liver of Sulphur.

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