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How Can You Get Free Followers on Instagram Social media is the most convenient source to increase your sales and make promotions of your products and services. It takes less time less money and even the less period to promote your products and services and make them famous in front of the millions of people belongs to global destinations. There were many social media means that are used to promote products such as Facebook Twitter Google Ads and Bing. These social media platforms were so famous in the past but according to online sources there has been seen a gradual decrement in the usage of aforementioned social media platforms. The game has now been changed. There are more convenient and more famous social media apps now available that are more famous and prone to market products. These apps include Snapchat and Instagram. Instagram is the most famous and most used apps in the whole world and this is the reason people are now more likely to use it as their source of advertising their products. However the main thing that involves in the promotion is getting followers. You not only require having the Instagram account but Instagram followers too. Because followers are the people that are prone to get make your products famous. So to get the followers is the real deal. You may have seen so many platforms that claim to make you follower-rich person within some hours. However their plans are paid and nor every Instagram account don’t have money to pay on to such platforms. Here I am discussing with you the top mentioned by using which you can get free followers on Instagram. These methods include some hard work but not money to increase your followers: 1. Pay Proper Attention to Your Account: You have an account so you are required to keep it on and keep it active. T ry to post on your account to show it an active page. Ask your friends and acquaintances to follow you and share your account. By doing so you will get followers up to some hundreds. You can use these some hundred people to attract more followers by making your posts interactive and appealing. Make sure your posts are much interesting to get shares. When they will share your posts you will get more people from the acquaintances of your acquaintances. Keep your account active because on social media when you remain active you keep getting views and this is what you want.

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2. Make Your Posts Interactive and Appealing: Well the layout of your account matters a lot in getting followers. Think from the perspective of a follower. If you would be a follower to whom you would have followed like someone with a dull account or an interactive account So make sure your profile is interactive and appealing for the visitors. You can make it appealing by adding some colorful images with HD backgrounds. Don’t show off just marketing in your post in fact also have some touches of creativity and humor. Humor and sarcasm attract people more than anything else on social media. Hence add posts related to that. 3. Keep your Followers On and Account Public: If you have a private account people won’t have anything to see at your Instagram account hence they won’t get attracted towards following you. Your main aim is to get attention thus keep your account public and immediately respond to the following request that you receive. Here again you need to keep yourself active on Instagram. When you respond to your followers quickly they will like to follow your posts with more enthusiasm. 4. Don’t Disturb Privacy of Your Followers: Well on Instagram there can be many people who are just interested in your product and not a follow back. They may not be interested in sharing their personal life with you. Hence do not lose the heart of a follower doesnt accept your follow back request. Try to answer their queries in a way that they feel secure while sharing their details with them. By doing so they will never unfollow you and you will never lose a follower. 5. Don’t Share Offensive Stuff: Well right now you are on a social platform where you can get views and followers from all parts of the world. Hence your followers will have different religions different nationalities different ethnicities and different political views. You are obliged to not to offend anyone. Hence try to keep yourself from sharing offensive and vulgar stuff on your account. Keep it general. Try to be positive with your posts and don’t go negative. I am repeating once again that don’t share anything vulgar or offensive hitting to a specific community on your account.

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6. Don’t Go Dry With Just Marketing Stuff: Well of course your main aim is to market yourself but still you are required to follow an approach that looks entertaining. People are interested in your products but dont make it just related to the dry marketing posts. Try to relate some humor and sarcasm in your posts. Such as if you have products related to fabric there can be thousands of jokes that relate to shopping of fabric. Thus try to post those jokes. In this way the point will be cleared that you are selling fabric but a joke attached with it will make it interesting to read. 7. Respond to Comments and Keep Followers Engaged: When you have an eCommerce account you will get so many comments relating to queries and questions. Try to remain active and answer queries of all the followers. Having followers is not just enough unless you keep them active on your page. Try to do some contests on the account and offer giveaways. If you think it costly then simply appreciating follower of the day is another way of sending a virtual giveaway in terms of thanks. These are some of the basic tips by using which you can get maximum real-life Instagram followers. The result is guaranteed. Additionally getting youtube views is very important. Famoid is offering Youtube views packages you can check the packages via this page: https:// Content source:

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