Know the dos and don’ts of writing before you do an essay writing

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Essay writing, regardless of course of study and institution, is an obligatory academic assignment. However, the essay writing process is easy for a few students.


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Know the dos and don’ts of writing before you do an essay writing Essay writing regardless of course of study and institution is an obligatory academic assignment. However the essay writing process is easy for a few students. The practice is good and most of them can write an essay in their sleep when they reach school when they are senior. Nonetheless nobody wants to learn from their failures so understanding the important thing and not writing an essay would help make this process less painful and more successful. No standardized template is available to solve any problems with a school essay. It is best to read the essay quickly. Due to a large number of essays to be written many teachers admit they skim-reading essays to find out whether a student is qualified in the field and how well they have followed the guidelines for style. It is therefore a good idea to structure your perfect essay so that when skimming it is visible and clear enough to pass on the message. Delete additional words and phrases use simple constructs and stay tuned. The next thing would be the inclusion in the introduction of a thesis statement. A comment on the subject is an important element in the introduction and general essay. Although the introduction is obligatory do not make an opening sentence of your essay with your thesis statement. It is good to make it a transition to the principal corpus of the essay at the end of the introductory paragraph. Transitions between paragraphs should be used best. Paragraphs sometimes sound like separate parts of text assembled. Thats the wrong way to write. Your essay should be soft and clear that the reader leads from one point to the next. That is why transitions should be used. The phrases that make each concept linked to the predecessor act as bridges between paragraphs. You should list any examples that you use from literature science etc. You do not have to quote just examples from your own experience. It is better to refer to the information source if you want to include mention of anything you wrote even if you do not make a direct quote. This will make your examples more convincing and more reliable proof of what you want to demonstrate. In the present tense it is better to talk about literature. It is advisable as it is called to use the current tense – historical present or historic present in literary journals or essays based on literary works. This enhances the sense of presence and makes the narration more compelling and authentic. To explain it an example may be given. The moment they see each other Romeo and Juliet experience true love. Loving makes you forget all else. They know from the start that they are doomed to die. They know somehow. You gave up your life to me. It does not only increase love but also increases every emotion and leads to terrible consequences. The purpose of an essay is not only to show your knowledge but also to demonstrate your ability to choose the right vocabulary.

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