William Henry Pocket Knives Timeless Masterpieces of Form and Function

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• Knives have been around for more than 2 million years longer than humans have walked the earth. • At William Henry we celebrate this ancient heritage by crafting our high-end pocket knives out of the finest rarest most time-honored materials.

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Take the Lancet Lantern knife a tour de force featuring: • a scale crafted out of 10000-year-old fossilized Woolly Mammoth tooth • a DLC carbide-coated Damascus steel blade designed by Chad Nichols in a “Jet Stream” pattern • a hand-engraved bolster inlaid with 24K gold and • a button lock/thumb stud inlaid with smoky quartz gemstones.

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• Ask the experts and they’ll tell you the knife is the single most important tool of all time. • Without knives men wouldn’t be able to eat hunt forage erect shelters or open packages from William Henry. • What else can you do with pocket knives • Slash through zip ties • Open letters • Chop tinder • Cut through clothing to tend to a wound

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Combine modern performance with timeless style and you get the Gentac Outback. This knife features: • an aerospace-grade titanium frame • a handle inlaid with desert ironwood one of the hardest woods on the planet • a stainless Damascus steel blade designed in a Boomerang pattern and • a one-hand button lock and thumb stud featuring spinel gemstones.

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• A William Henry knife is more than a tool. It’s a piece of art a testament to style. • Each knife fits comfortably in your pocket but you won’t want to keep it there. • Made of hand-forged metals crafted out of beautifully exotic materials and rich with stunning artistry these masterpieces are meant to be held seen and admired.

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The Lancet Stars Stripes knife captures the essence of refined elegance and breathtaking beauty. It features: • a hand-carved sterling silver frame inlaid with gorgeous Zinc Matrix turquoise • a Damascus steel blade hand-forged into a Hornet’s Nest by Mike Norris and • a one-hand button lock and thumb stud set with white topaz gemstones.

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• William Henry’s collection of high-end pocket knives transcend the here and now. • They’re more than trendy fashion statements. They’re classic heirlooms. • Featuring timeless designs sturdy construction exotic materials and masterful craftsmanship they’re forged for the ages.

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The Spearpoint Africa II one of William Henry’s most exclusive creations is a masterpiece that can and should be passed down through the generations. Featuring: • a stainless-steel frame microscopically painstakingly hand-engraved in Italy by Bottega Incisioni • A hand-forged Damascus steel blade etched by Mike Norris into a Hornets Nest pattern and • A one-hand button lock and thumb stud set with smoky quartz gemstones.

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William Henry crafts award- winning pocket knives and jewelry for men. With unmatched skill and classic craftsmanship we’re able to seamlessly merge the most ancient natural materials the most exotic precious metals and gemstones and the most modern alloys. Learn more about William Henry at www.williamhenry.com.

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• http://www.williamhenry.com/knives/b10-lancet/lancet- lantern.html • http://www.williamhenry.com/knives/b30-gentac/gentac- outback.html • http://www.williamhenry.com/knives/b12- spearpoint/spearpoint-africa-ii.html • http://www.williamhenry.com/knives/b10-lancet/lancet- stars-stripes.html

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