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http://www.williamhenry.com/ William Henry's Most Exclusive Knives - Explore rare and exclusive men's pocket knives for today's most forward-thinking and distinguished gentlemen, where high-end style seamlessly integrates with practical functionality.


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Part of William Henry’s claim to fame since its original debut over 20 years ago has been an emphasized focus on unrivaled craftsmanship and unique designs rarely found in luxury men’s goods today particularly when it comes to custom pocket knives. In the following presentation we’ll dive a little deeper into what makes a William Henry pocket knife a cut above the rest.

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Discover the William Henry difference with these limited edition pocket knives specifically crafted for men with timeless personal style.

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Features Specs: 24K gold and sterling silver inlays by Jeff Parke Hand-forged Brain Wave Damascus steel blade by Chad Nichols One-hand button lock and thumb stud set with spinel gemstones Dimensions: Blade 2.63" 66.8mm Handle 3.58" 90.9mm Overall open 6.00" 152.4mm Constructed with exotic materials and vibrant Woolly Mammoth fossilized tooth this pocket knife is pure artistry at its finest.

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Featuring a Damascus blade with an extra strong VG-5 core the Kestrel ‘Copper Canyon’ is as strikingly beautiful as it is strong. Features Specs: Heat-colored ‘Wave’ mokume Inlaid with orange spalted beechwood ‘Copper Wave’ blade with VG-5 core Dimensions: Blade 2.13" 54.1mm Handle 2.88" 73.1mm Overall open 5.00" 127mm

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Features Specs: Hand-forged Jet Stream Damascus steel blade by Chad Nichols Hand-carved sterling silver inlaid with green jade One-hand button lock and thumb stud set with smoky quartz gemstones Dimensions: Blade 2.75" 69.9mm Handle 3.63" 92.2mm Overall open 6.38" 162mm The perfect balance of lush green jade with the strong lines of hand-forged Damascus steel make this pocket knife an exquisite piece of craftsmanship any collector would be honored to behold.

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Features Specs: Aerospace grade titanium frame with carbon fiber inlay Black-coated Wave Damascus steel blade with a core in extra strong ZDP-189 One-hand button lock and thumb stud set with spinel gem stones Dimensions: Blade 2.50" 63.5mm Handle 3.13" 79.5mm Overall open 5.60" 142mm For the collector with eclectic taste the Persian ‘Shadow’ is the truly unique pocket knife you’ve been searching for. Sharp. Sleek. Sexy.

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William Henry has set out to do the unthinkable in creating timeless upscale style accessories for sophisticated men who understand the value of expert craftsmanship that rely on a man’s honor and integrity. We take popular men’s accessories and build a story around them with rare and exotic materials including precious metals and gemstones state-of-the-art alloys and much more. Browse our exclusive collection online at http://www.williamhenry.com or call 888 563-4500 for more information on how to get your hands on the latest from William Henry.

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• http://www.williamhenry.com/knives/b05- monarch/monarch-skullbriar.html • http://www.williamhenry.com/knives/b09- kestrel/kestrel-copper-canyon.html • http://www.williamhenry.com/knives/b10- lancet/lancet-smaug.html • http://www.williamhenry.com/knives/b11- persian/persian-shadow.html

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SUMMARY Explore rare and exclusive men’s pocket knives for today’s most forward-thinking and distinguished gentlemen where high-end style seamlessly integrates with practical functionality.

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