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William Verlander loves seeing new fish while scuba diving off the coast on his home state, Florida.


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WILLIAM FORLANDER - AVID SKIER William Forlander is an avid skier, both a participant and view of the sport. A fan of the sport and history of it, Forlander loves to find a slope with fresh powder and enjoy the beauty of the mountain. How we practice skiing today finds its roots from Scandinavia but can be traced back to 600 B.C. where modern day China is located.


SKIING DOWN MOUNTAIN SLOPES William Forlander , despite his age, loves to ski down the mountain slope. Nearly 60, the skier takes safer routes knowing he can’t quite do what he used to but still enjoys having the thrill of the wind in his face. The history of skiing interest Forlander, who recently learned the word ski is from the Old Norse ‘skio’, which means to split a piece of wood. Skiing History Buff There are few things the William Forlander enjoys more than recreational and even the sport skiing. Now that he has reached an age that makes him forsake his thrill of a sport some days, the history of the recreation and sport interested him. Fun facts like how in the 18th-century ski warfare was studied in Norway, are what intrigues Forlander.


Lover of Golf The precision sport is another hobby of William Forlander. Being out in the sun with friends and the green is what Forlander believes is a great day. Forlander loves playing the full eighteen on a good weather Saturday or Sunday. The average handicap for a male golfer in America is 16.1. With a wink and grin, Forlander would tell anyone he could hit better than that. Golf William Forlander loves spending his days off of work usually doing recreational sports. Golf is one of his favorites. Although he admits he is not the best at the sport, he does getting out with a few friends, or perhaps his wife if he can convince her to come along, and hitting a few balls around on a Saturday or Sunday morning.


Office Manager For quite a few years, William Forlander has been an exquisite Office Manager. Knowing how to really manage the day-to-day duties of an office, Forlander manages with efficiency and productivity. Forlander has been in this position a few years, enjoying the responsibility of the position and how, even though every day may seem the same, it’s the little things that change that keep him interested. Tennis Player Despite his age, William Forlander does not let it define him Though he knows he cannot do everything as he has done before, Forlander still loves to go out and play sports recreationally. Tennis is one of his favorites. It is a sport that he and his wife enjoy playing together, and even challenging some of their friends to a friendly couples game.


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