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WELCOME to William Booth Corps

Get Your Copy Now Sept 2013 War Cry:

Get Your C opy N ow Sept 2013 War Cry

The 20th Gen of The Salvation Army:

The 20 th Gen of The S alvation Army General ANDRÉ COX 20TH GENERAL OF THE SALVATION ARMY

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f ollow the General ANDRÉ COX Facebook P age

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Commissioner William Roberts THE CHIEF OF THE STAFF

Share The Gospel Share the War Cry With Your Friends:

Share The Gospel Share the War Cry With Y our Friends

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SAVE THE DATE Preach to the nations the boundless riches of Christ. Ephesians 3:8 The Congress will mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of The Salvation Army. London, UK , is where the Army was born and so it seems fitting that we should gather in this city to celebrate God’s faithfulness and blessing on our mission. As we look forward to a great gathering of Salvationists from 124 countries let us join our prayers for a God-glorifying, Kingdom-growing International Congress in 2015. VENUE : O2 Arena (in London's East End) London, England

Interested? Come Join the Musical:

Interested? Come Join the Musical

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Welcome t o William Booth Corps SUNDAY SERVICE 11AM – 12:30PM Worship Hall

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Follow Us on Facebook Watch the Sunday message videos from this page Read the WBC updates 11 th Anniversary photos are uploaded here

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Junior Soldier Class 10AM @ Room 4-14 Jr Sldr Sgt Gina Lau

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. What is a Corps Cadet? “A corps cadet is a young Salvationist who undertakes a course of study and training in his own corps in order to become more effective and efficient. The whole program is designed to enhance the value of their future service as a soldier, local officer or officer.” (Orders and Regulations) So, a Corps Cadets is a young Salvo who wants to learn more about working in their Corps and community. Who can be a Corps Cadet? A follower of Jesus, over the age of 12, who is a junior or senior soldier of The Salvation Army is eligible to enter the Corps Cadets program. However, soldiership is not compulsory for all Corps Cadets. Any young followers of Jesus who are involved with an Army community, live a Christian example and abstain from any unhealthy behaviour (i.e. drugs, drinking, pornography) are welcome to the program. So any teen soldier of The Salvation Army, or someone who wants to learn more about it, are welcome to become a Corps Cadet Sunday Classes @ 11:30AM Class 1 YS Yvonne Joan Devadas Class 2 AYS Lee Hon Wah Bro Sunny Goh Class 3 CC Guardian Marcus Moo

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Sunday Practice 10AM @ Worship Centre A/ Capt Cathy Aloba

SAY WBC Worship Team Cell Group 2:00 PM Saturday :

SAY WBC Worship Team Cell Group 2:00 PM Saturday

SAY WBC Worship Team Practice 2:30 PM – 4PM Saturday :

SAY WBC Worship Team Practice 2 :30 PM – 4PM Saturday

WBC @ BUKIT PANJANG After – School Care for preteens Mondays to Fridays 1pm – 7pm:

WBC @ BUKIT PANJANG After – School Care for preteens Mondays to Fridays 1pm – 7pm

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Support RSI and Shop O pen from Monday to Saturday We have one located at B1 & B2 of Praisehaven

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Scan QR code if you have a prayer request

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