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Tidal Music Streaming:

Tidal Music Streaming Tidal is a music streaming service that launched in 2014 by the company Aspiro Tidal is subscription based with 4.2 million paying customers as of July 2016 The product is categorized as an online music streaming service

Service Description:

Service Description Tidal is targeted at the digital generation users that stream music and purchase it digitally It is a “Me Too” imitator of the numerous subscription based music streaming services Slight variation in that it is more expensive, but provides the highest percentage of royalties to artists and songwriters

Target Market :

Target Market Digital age generation from teenagers to late middle aged people As of March 2016 subscriber statistics: 45% black 18% white 36% hispanic Statistics: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2016/03/17/apple-music-vs-spotify-how-do-the-two-streaming-services-compare/


Competition iTunes: http://runthetrap.com/tag/itunes/ Amazon: http://www.amazon.com Spotify: https://www.spotify.com Pandora: http://soundcalledmusic.com/pandora/ Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/

Market Competition:

Market Competition

Product Offering:

Product Offering Free, Trial and subscription services for music streaming Offers some excusive albums for a limited time Download songs of your choice at no additional charge with the membership 25 million songs and 85 thousand music videos


Distribution Tidal reaches its customers through the direct distribution system with it’s customers using the app or online website to use the service


Pricing Tidal offers a $9.99 option and a $19.99 option The HiFi option has much higher quality audio and streams with a more reliable codec. This service provides more royalties to the music industry Youtube : $0.0003 per play to artist Spotify: $0.0011 per play to artist Tidal: $0.007 per play to artist Artist Distribution: http://nextshark.com/tidal-pays-artists-spotify/


Promotion Internet Advertisements Television Commercials Radio Commercials Celebrity endorsements via social media

Video Advertisement:

Video Advertisement https://youtu.be/X-57i6EeKLM

Product Positioning:

Product Positioning Tidal has been positioned as a music streaming service that gives back more to the artists and talent behind the music Tidal is greatly behind the competition because the other services like Pandora and Spotify promote the user/listener first which is the market purchasing the product


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