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Proposal for Staff Retention:

Dental Clinic A Proposal for Staff Retention


The problem Employee turnover has been a continual problem for Dental Clinic A The high turnover rate has impacted Dental Clinic A negatively because of… Loss of productivity Diminished morale Strained communications between management and employees Increased cost of hiring and training of new employees Introduction

Our Objective :

Our Objective Find innovative workforce developmental strategies How the organization can apply these strategies, to improve employee retention, in the company Describe working patterns Ways to improve training

Contributing Factors :

The organization does not have a shared mission and vision Lack of professionalism and mutual respect Issues with recruiting and retaining front desk staff Little job satisfaction for employees Inadequate training and development programs Contributing Factors

Current Situation:

A total of 16 employees have resigned, out of 17 available position Average of 3 employees per year and 5,760 wasted work hours Remaining staff members must take on extra duties The constant search for new hires places a strain on management and employee relationship Hiring process is lengthy causing unfilled positions and low employee morale Current Situation

Solution Generation:

Establish guidelines for training and cross training in related positions Reevaluation of all duties, then redistribute workload evenly among employees Create a reward system to boost employee morale Find incentives or alternative means to compensate employees, for low wages Solution Generation

Training & Development Methods:

Utilization of performance appraisal – the grading of how well a employee carry out their duties Ensure that job descriptions are adequately describing the necessary requirements for the available positions Management needs to construct a strategic plan to encourage employee growth Offer special training courses to employees, who do not meet departmental goals Improve the organizational structure. Assigned managers to specific departments, hold them accountable for the department Know what duties are the responsibility of what department Training & Development Methods

Compensation Incentives:

Compensation Incentives Financial compensation Signing or yearly bonuses Non-financial compensation Reduce work week Flexible work hours Part-time employment Onsite child-care Working from home

Employee Morale & Its Positive Influences:

Satisfied employees tend to perform at a higher level, than unhappy workers Therefore, a organization wants to make sure that their workers are satisfied, or happy This can be achieved by the following methods Employee recognition Monthly luncheon/happy hour for staff Election for star performers to earn gift certificates Moreover, coworkers can nominate fellow workers for rewards, for a job well done (this will help to create unity among employees) Employee Morale & Its Positive Influences

Conclusion :

Search for innovative methods to decrease turnover Focus on increasing morale among employees Through specialize training and development courses Financial and non-financial compensation Distributing work evenly, preventing employee overload Conclusion

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