Life as Nomads in a Mongolian Ger


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In this PowerPoint Presentation, we will explain the living of Mongolian gear, its environment and the culture of people there.


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Wild Free Family Life as Nomads in a Mongolian Ger

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Gers in Mongolia Gers are the traditional tents for the stay of tourists and also known as “y erts”.

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Life of Nomad Family There are rolling mountains rock formations and green grass on a narrow road only used by nomads. Nomad family stay in their ger camps 1-2 km apart from each other.

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Life at Ger The place is beautiful and peaceful. There is no running water no cell phones and no electricity. If you need a break from the hussel and bustle you can visit here.

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Things to Do You can find local food including rice soup milk goat meat and fat potatoes hand cut pasta and eggs.You can spent days with lots of free time and use this time to feed creativity. A ger camp will give you time to think about parenting relationships and lost feelings.

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