Savoring – and Saving – China’s Artisan Teas

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WildandBare offers a variety of Chinese Artisan Teas including Organic Green Tea, Black Tea & Hebal Tea for tea lovers through out the world.


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Jean Alberti:

Savoring – and Saving – China ’ s Artisan Teas Jean Alberti Founder Wild & Bare Co.

Generic vs. Artisan Tea:

Generic vs. Artisan Tea Tea is seldom marketed based on origin

The Lipton Formula:

The Lipton Formula Commercial teas are blended for taste, not purity

Artisan Tea:

Artisan Tea Can tea have terroir?

The Tea Tradition:

The Tea Tradition For millennium, tea was harvested by hand

The Modern Tea Business:

The Modern Tea Business Ancient traditions are being replaced by industrialization

Tea Meets Temptation:

Tea Meets Temptation Demand for artisan tea now outstrips supply

Soil Secrets:

Soil Secrets The earth ’ s moisture helps shape a tea ’ s character

Different Soils, Different Teas:

Different Soils, Different Teas Some soil colors are superior to others

Vintage Tea:

Vintage Tea Every so often, climactic factors combine to create a peak vintage

Six Environmental Factors:

Six Environmental Factors Location, moisture level, climate, altitude, latitude and terroir

China’s Wild West:

China ’ s Wild West Home of the world ’ s largest and oldest tea trees

Time That Refines:

Time That Refines The only tea that gets better with age

The Most Elusive Tea:

The Most Elusive Tea Yellow tea is among the rarest of teas, a leaf of legend

A Fading Art:

A Fading Art Traditional techniques for preparing yellow tea are rapidly disappearing

Tea Buyer Beware:

Tea Buyer Beware Few consumers have the training to differentiate the true from the fake

Jean Alberti:

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