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If your bedroom is on the smaller side, how you arrange the furniture in it can make all the difference in the overall feel of the room.Read some tips by Wicker Paradise here to design small bedroom.


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Small Bedroom Design Tips:

Small Bedroom Design Tips Wicker Paradise

Place Your Bed in the Center of a Wall :

Place Your Bed in the Center of a Wall Your bed should always be the focal point of your bedroom, and in small rooms, the best way to make it the focal point is to place it in the center of the room's most visible wall

Put Your Dresser in Your Closet :

Put Your Dresser in Your Closet Large pieces of furniture can make small rooms look cramped and even smaller. If your closet is big enough, you can avoid this problem by using it as a home for your chest or dresser.

Place Your Rug Carefully :

Place Your Rug Carefully Your bedroom rug might seem like a minor decorative detail, but it can greatly help make a small room look larger. If your bed is in the center of the wall, place your rug about 2/3 of the way under your bed so that you'll have something soft to step on in the mornings. If your bed is in a corner, try placing the rug next to your bed or under another piece of furniture, such as your dresser.

Get Creative With Storage :

Get Creative With Storage Storage is key in small spaces, especially in the bedroom where most of your belongings are kept. When you don't have a lot of space, you have to be creative with your storage.

Sketch It Out :

Sketch It Out Arranging a small bedroom can be frustrating if you don't first get an idea of where you would like everything to go. Before you call your friends to help you move your bed, grab a pencil and a piece of paper and sketch your room layout ideas. This will help you visualize your ideas before you put them into action.

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