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Lana Rose is an excellent and the attractive personality of the world. Many people know her as an internet personality Read More Full


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Lana Rose | Lana Rose Paintings | Lana Rose Artist Lana Rose is an excellent and the attractive personality of the world. Many people know her as an internet personality. And many of them also recognize her as the Sister of the Mo Vlog. People think so because of her videos with the Mo Vlog. And this is also a truth that she is the sister of the Mo Vlog. Although Lana Rose has her own Instagram account and YouTube channel she is not as successful as her brother. The total net worth of her in 2016 was estimated to be 200000 but we expect that it may not be the right and exact worth of her we think it to grow. This attractive lady was born on October 6 1990 in Dubai United Arab Emirates. This young blonde has a very friendly and the charming smile and a very hot body curves and measurements.

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The real name of Lana Rose is Parisa. She appears on her brother’s channel focusing on the Luxury Cars and the super Sports cars. But the hobbies of the Lana’ own are entirely different from this. Hobbies of the Lana Rose: Her hobbies can see on her YouTube channel. So we know that the beautiful lady shares the mostly the makeup tutorial videos on her channel. And we also know that there she has also 80000 subscribers on her channel. On the top we can see that her Instagram account lanarose786 have also gained about the 215000 followers. When we judge her expensive lifestyle then we can judge that Lana Rose is coming purely from a wealthy family background. And she is also wealthy now. Her excellent career in the makeup is also gaining some firm grip and the Lana Rose has already met the famous creator of the Huda Beauty the beautiful Huda Kattan. So by this we can also easily imagine some great collaboration between those two in the upcoming days in Future. And some popular uploads of the Lana Rose are the Classic Daily makeup Look and the Elegant Make Up Look. She is also a famous artist and uses to create paintings with the oil colors. And she also has earned a significant part of her income by selling her oil paintings. She got a great success in her artwork. Mo Vlogs: Mo Vlogs is the brother of the Lana Rose. And he is also the famous YouTube blogger and he also earns a lot of money from the YouTube. He also has a great importance in the success of the Lana Rose. Here we are describing the some of the great and expensive things which Mo Vlogs purchased with the Lana Rose and itself.

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The Expensive Things Which Lana Rose and Mo Vlogs Owned: Lana Rose bought the many expensive things and she is also living a very stylish and a great life. And we are describing some of her expensive bought things in below lines. A Purple Lamborghini: So after getting the success in the artwork of her Lana Rose collected an enormous amount. Then she purchased a Lamborghini that was white in its origin but after some time she wrapped it purple. And this purple Lamborghini is more adorable and has a great look. This Lamborghini Huracan has a top speed of almost 201 mph and it goes from 0 to 60 within just 3 to 4 seconds. The magazine Top Gear announced the Lamborghini as the Super and the best car of the year of 2014. And this car is estimated to be the 320000 with all of the upgrades. This is also a great amount but she did so with her effort and enjoyed a very luxury life. White Range Rover: Lana Rose and her brother Mo Vlogs combined purchased a white Range Rover Sports car recently. After that the Mo Vlogs sold this car famously to the in one of his famous videos. He sold this by attracting the attention of his new best friend Saygin Yalcin. Features of this Range Rover: The Features of that car have the very amazing technology. These functions include the LED heads-up driver display seven seats of leather and an engine which can store the 5.0-liter V8 petrol engine. A unique attribute of this car is that it has a dual view of the screen it let the driver see something entirely different from the passenger. This 5.0-liter engine can also go from the 0 to the 60 just in the 4.7 seconds and the whole car can emit the very essence of the success.

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Ford Mustang: Mo Vlogs has a high proud to be the owner of a 2016 Ford Mustang GT California Special. This is an amazing car that is originally debuted us back in 1960. Because in 1960 it came with the unique aluminum wheels of the 19 inches. These are blacked out trims and also has a 5.0-liter V8 engine that can pack the 435 horsepower. This car features the new and independent rear suspension and the dual ball joint with the front suspension. SYNC3 infotainment system with the touchscreen display and the exclusive black seats of leather with the embossed logos of the GT. Related Article: Lawyer Facts Information So here we can imagine that he is also a wealthy man. And the Lana Rose stepped in the way of the success with the help of her brother Mo Vlogs.

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