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F A N T A S Y A R T B Y REBEKA RODOSEK 18.05.2011 15:51:38

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Desert Storm

Slide 3:

Giving Birth to the Moon

Slide 4:

Pierrot and his Mother

Slide 5:

The Holy Family

Slide 6:

The Man Who Drank up a River

Slide 7:

The Sleeping Valley

Slide 8:

Caught in This Broken World

Slide 9:

The Woman with Flowers

Slide 10:

The Material World

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Slide 12:

E x i l e d

Slide 13:

A Girl with Parrots

Slide 14:

Strawberry Girl

Slide 15:

The Wet -Nurse

Slide 16:

A Child Dreaming of the Sea

Slide 17:

A Butterfly in your Hands A Mask

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Slide 19:

Zodiac Fatal

Slide 20:

The Girl with Golden Hair

Slide 21:

The Bled Girl The Slovene Girl

Slide 22:

Unusual Night

Slide 23:

A Girl and Birds

Slide 24:

Money Slaves and Their Victim

Slide 25:

Coral Girl Ljubljana-Beloved

Slide 26:

Miss Fashion

Slide 27:

A Girl and a Horse The Butterfly

Slide 28:

In Paradise

Slide 29:

The Gardener

Slide 30:

The Butterfly Flight

Slide 31:

T H E E N D A.C 28.April.2009

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