Author Tips for Book Fairs and Readings

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Some handy how-to's for working a booth, doing a book reading and 'selling' your book to the public.


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Marilyn A. Hudson Whorl Books BOOK FAIRS & READINGS : TIPS FOR AUTHORS Whorl Books / Author Marilyn A. Hudson


1. Dress up but wear comfortable shoes. 2. Bring pens, pencils, cash bag, receipts, business cards. 3. Have candy or mints for freebies. 4. Bring flyers, postcards, coupons, etc. to promote. 5. Smile, stand up often, interact. 6. Run a contest or drawing to generate ‘buzz.’ BASIC TIPS FOR AUTHORS & BOOK FESTIVALS Whorl Books / Author Marilyn A. Hudson

How To Read Your Writing Aloud:

4. Practice (and note) when to look up and smile or gain eye contact with your audience. 5. Video if possible or get a friend to critique for clarity of your speech, pacing, and other factors. 6. Practice. Highlight or write in your book if needed. 1. Select an “action” scene or one of high drama. Set the scene (if needed with only a sentence of two of comments). 2. Practice reading it aloud. Stress lively reading that engages the listener. 3. Slow down, pace it, use the punctuations as guides to pauses, breathing, emphasis, etc. How To Read Your Writing Aloud Whorl Books / Author Marilyn A. Hudson

Can You ‘Blurb’ Your Book?:

Create a 3-4 sentence description of the book. Add action verbs. Condense to sharp text. Add a question (How will they survive? What can a person do?) Add a genre label (thriller, horror, self-help, romance, etc.) even if it is a stretch so a reader can get a feel This is your ‘commercial’ for the book in face-to-face situations in response to ‘what’s it about?’ or ‘why should I buy this?’ Can You ‘Blurb’ Your Book? Whorl Books / Author Marilyn A. Hudson

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