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Pogoplug Multimedia Sharing Device http://www.thewholesalespot.com/pogoplug Stick around and see why the Pogoplug receives top ratings in convenience and file sharing capabilities- not to mention affordability!

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Pogoplug Multimedia Sharing Device Setup http://www.thewholesalespot.com/pogoplug There is a reason that the Pogoplug receives top marks in ease of setup as there is no firewall modifications or network configuration required. You simply plug the device into your router, attach your external hard drive and then go through the simple online activation process. The whole process takes about 60 seconds!

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The Pogoplug excels in the area of compatibility as it spans across multiple platforms. It operates efficiently with Mac, Windows and Linux. To top it off, it operates flawlessly with iPhone, Blackberry, Droid and other mobile devices. The Pogoplug Multimedia Sharing Device offers unrivaled compatibility and ensures that you enjoy unhindered sharing and access capabilities. http://www.thewholesalespot.com/pogoplug

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The Pogoplug Web Interface was designed to further establish convenience and simplicity while you share and access your files. Share your files and multimedia with ease while having the power to place any viewing and access restrictions you desire. Pogoplug is the self-hosted solution that puts the power in your own hands rather than needing to rely on others. As well, it eliminates the monthly recurring fees which accompany file sharing services.

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The Pogoplug Multimedia Sharing Device comes with FREE lifetime service, no hidden or recurring fees and no strings attached. Visit our link and you will access the best price available for the Pogoplug Multimedia Sharing Device. At just under $100, you will be saving over $20 on the pricing you will find elsewhere. We dare you to compare! http://www.thewholesalespot.com/pogoplug

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There is a reason that Pogoplug has earned a reputation for convenience, compatibility and ease of use. Keep your friends, family and colleagues “in the loop” while enjoying complete control and self-reliance. Enjoy social media integration with complete user permissions. This means that not only can you easily access and share your files with whomever you choose within the world but you also have the power to let others publish content if you so desire. http://www.thewholesalespot.com/pogoplug Visit the above link to see all the other features and additional details which you can start enjoying with your purchase of the Pogoplug

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