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Activism Project : 

Activism Project By: Whitney Chadwell

My Part : 

My Part Participated in the bake sale Tore out magazine tear outs to bring to Love Your Body Day Attended Love Your Body Day and helped at our groups booth

What I Liked : 

What I Liked Everyone in the group was willing and responsible for all of his or her duties Setting up at Love Your Body Day helped get the word out to everyone who attended Although the bake sale didn’t produce a lot of money, I still liked the idea of giving all the proceeds to a charity This type of project didn’t seem to be too stressful or overwhelming

Dislikes : 

Dislikes The organization of the whole project could have used a little more work More magazine tear outs could have been filled out and mailed

What Worked/ What I Would Do the Same : 

What Worked/ What I Would Do the Same Having a large group of people really helped in spreading the duties out to everyone Setting up a booth at Love Your Body Day helped spread the word to students on campus that came to the event Everyone really worked together well to make sure there was a number of people at the booth at Love Your Body Day all day long

What Didn’t Work/ What I Would Do Different : 

What Didn’t Work/ What I Would Do Different The project could have been set up and organized more in advance than it was. I felt that it was a little thrown together Even though the bake sale items were priced relatively low, we didn’t make much money from the students and people attending Love Your Body Day. Next time, a different fundraiser might be better Communication through email was somewhat rough at times

Improvements : 

Improvements I thought the main thing that could be done to improve our activism project would be to get a head start earlier, and to set up at more than one event Organization of the project could use a little work, also

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