How to amuse yourself with the lively atmosphere of Shillong

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How to amuse yourself with the lively atmosphere of Shillong All we know that Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya provides an eclectic blend of the old world charm and the flurry of modern-day. Book ​Shillong tour packages through White Stork and find heaven in the city of Shillong. The East Kasi Hills of Shillong is a perfect vacation spot to spend your holidays away from the noise and pollution of the cities. Although White Stork is famous fo ​r its ​varanasi tour packages ​ ​char dham yatra package honeymoon packages it is not less to provide different exciting tour packages. By booking shillong tour packages ​or any ​north east tour packages ​ you will definitely realize that. Shillong has really good roads unlike the backbreaking roads of North- East which make your trip easy and comfortable. The scenic beauty the serene climate of Shillong make Shillong one of the best places to visit. Just once book the ​Shillong tour packages through White Stork and you will feel the actual thrill of Shillong. The lively atmosphere of Shillong brings a new life within you. Shillong is full of colonial-era charm and many colorful flea markets. If want to do something odd something off-beat want to escape from the monotonous city life then book ​Shillong tour packages ​now and have a visit to our little place Shillong which is also called as Scotland of the east. If you are planning for a honeymoon then Shillong is one of the best options because Shillong is famous for its lover’s delight. We have many India ​honeymoon packages ​. Just book your ​ honeymoon packages i ​n Shillong. The places to visit in Shillong:

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Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures This is a famous museum in Shillong and extremely well maintained. It showcases an interesting collection of Christian machinery photographs tribal artifacts. You can’t believe but it is a seven-story museum. It will take more than one hour to finish but not for a single minute you will feel bored. Its simplicity is its uniqueness. Ward’s lake The lake has a rustic colonial charm and looks like straight out imagination of an artist. The moments you are in Ward’s lake pass with just admiring the beauty of the ornamental bridge. It is a perfect destination for newlyweds to declare their love towards each other and find the souls who wish to rekindle their endless romance. In our north ​east India tour packages Shillong is one of the most important places. Shillong Peak It has 6649 ft height and nearly 1965 m above the sea level. The Shillong peak is just like it wears the crown of the Shillong. The view from this peak is no less than enchanting something beyond the camera can capture. To experience its firsthand you have to go there. From this peak’s name the city got its name as Shillong. To capture a birds eye view a telescope is available there. Umiam Lake: Umiam lake is an extremely beautiful reservoir located at a distance of nearly 15km from Shillong. So why are you getting late Now only book your Shillong tour packages and c ​alm your body mind in the rejuvenating atmosphere of Shillong. Contact: +91-8448448431 Email : Visit Our Website: ​

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