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Hemp was introduced in Asia and Europe very long time ago. Hemp is an incredibly sustainable renewable resource that can be grown in many climates. One of the most useful hemp seed benefits is the abnormally high protein content found in hemp plant. Hemp is used for paper, fuel, oils, medicine, plastic and even food.


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The Healing History of Hemp :

The Healing History of Hemp

What is Hemp?:

What is Hemp? Hemp also called industrial hemp is a variety of cannabis sativa. Hemp refers to the non-psychoactive. Hemp oil benefits discovered all over the world for thousands of purposes. Hemp was the desired compound for fiber industries to manufacture rope, canvas, paper, clothing and alternative textiles .

Hemp in Asia:

Hemp in Asia The Chinese people were the first to cultivate and use of cannabis. Cannabis was one of the fundamental herbs of ancient Chinese medicine, and the roots of hemp were used to heal blood clots and infections. In cannabis industry , India is first credited with creating tincture, called Bhang,   which is used for gastrointestinal issues.

Hemp in the Middle East:

Hemp in the Middle E ast In Egypt, the pharaoh Ramses II, who   promoted the use of cannabis as medicine in his empire. The Egyptians developed the first known topical application of cannabis extract, for the relief of inflammation and pain. The middle east climate is very suitable for the cultivation of cannabis .

Hemp in Europe and the West:

Hemp in Europe and the West H emp was a vital part of all industry in America . There were over 2000 different kinds of cannabis-based medications and it was the basis of almost all medicine in Europe . D ried leaves of cannabis and hemp seed benefits for general pain relief and inflammation.


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