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Forming Questions:

Forming Questions Yes/ No Questions WH Questions


YES/ NO QUESTIONS Inverting the subject and the verb Adding helping verb before the subject

Inverting The Subject And The Verb :

Inverting The Subject And The Verb When there is: A helping verb A modal To be

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As the main verb-these are placed before the subject. (the subject and the verb are inverted). The main verb doesn’t change its form


Examples It is raining He has gone out Is it raining? Has he gone out?

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She doesn ’ t come here often. He hasn ’ t phoned us. Doesn ’ t she come here often? Hasn ’ t he phoned us?

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She can play the piano Can she play the piano?

Adding Helping Verb Before the Subject :

Adding Helping Verb Before the Subject When there is no helping verb (as in the Present Simple and the Past Simple ) a helping verb is supplied. Do/Does (Present Simple) Did (Past Simple)

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To form questions this helping verb is placed before the subject. The main verb is always in its base form


Examples Eli jogs every night. Does Eli jog every night?

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They play tennis twice a week. They started work very early. Do they play tennis twice a week? Did they start work very early?

WH Questions:

WH Questions WH questions about the subject All other WH- questions

WH Questions About The Subject :

WH Questions About The Subject When the questions is about the subject, the WH- word (who, what, which) replaces the subject and the verb is always in the singular. Nothing else changes in the sentence. (there is no inversion of subject and the verb and nothing is placed before the WH- word).


Examples Vera has lost her watch. They are learning French. Who has lost her watch? Who is learning French?

All Other WH- Questions:

All Other WH- Questions When the question is about the object of the verb or object of a preposition …

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(1) The WH-word (who, whom, what, which) that replaces the object is the first word of the question, and (2) the rest of the questions is exactly like a yes/no question.


Examples Jack plays tennis . Rita is phoning a friend. Who is phoning a friend? What does Jack play?

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The plane arrived late because of the weather . Why did the plane arrive late?

An On – Line Practice:

An On – Line Practice Open the following URL, in order to practice forming Questions in English . http:// www.quia.com/cm/14105.html http:// grammar.englishclub.com/q_questions.htm http://a4esl.org/q/j/ko/mc-eiken5.html

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http://a4esl.org/q/h/9704/dg-wh.html http://www.quia.com/rr/9433.html http://www.bradleys-english-school.com/online/MultipleChoice/whquestion.html http://esl.about.com/library/quiz/blgrquiz_questionforms.htm

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The end I hope you Enjoyed your work, Michal Mayost

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