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Shot list for All You Need Is Love:

Shot list for All You Need Is Love

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Shot 1- Establishing/long shot (male and female protagonist holding hands) Shot 2- (Montage) (medium/eye line match of shots of the female and male protagonist conveying their love for one another) Shot 3- Medium/two shot (pivotal shot for the scene as it highlights the protagonist and the other male character’s interaction, which sets up the theme of friendship. Another medium shot is shown from another angle to create variation. Here, the male protagonist is introduced to the Beatles, which subsequently causes a disruption in relation to the previous equilibrium. Shot 4- (Montage) (1) medium close up (protagonist reading the Beatles magazine) (2) zoom shot/insert shot of protagonist drawing a Beatles sketch (3) POV/eye line match shot (protagonist staring in the mirror, whilst wearing John Lennon glasses Shot 5- Close up/ vertical panning shot (introduces other female protagonist, sets up conflict and the theme of a love triangle, which is common in romantic comedies) Shot 6- Medium/wide shot of protagonist entering the music store. Shot 7- Two shot (Where the male protagonist and the second female character first meet. This conveys the generic “meet cute” scene in romantic comedies). It is also important to note the setting of the scene as the characters are in the vicinity of the Beatles CD’s collection. This highlights to the audience, that it is the allurement of the Beatles which brought them together.

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Shot 8- Close up shot of the Beatles poster, to reinforce the Beatles references Shot 9- zooming shot distancing away from the Beatles poster Shot 10- Medium shot of the protagonist on the bed reading a Beatles magazine and hearing a phone call from the female protagonist Shot 11- Medium shot/Phone call scene (female protagonist on the left side, juxtaposed with the male protagonist on the right side) This is typical of a romantic comedy, such as in the film of “The Holiday” (2006). However, this split screen is used to convey the emotional reaction of the characters, to give a better understanding of how they feel to the audience. Shot 12- Medium shot of the male protagonist and the other male character (voice of reason) conversing on whether the male protagonist should get back with the first female character. The mise en scene of the props (i.e. Guitars) signify the theme of music which is prominent in the narrative of the film. Shot 13- Medium shot conveys the male protagonist and the second female character in the generic romantic intimate pose, which solidifies the audiences assumption that these two characters may form a relationship, which is bound to cause disruption during the course of the narrative. The mise en scene of the props (Beatles cd) is used to subtly symbolise the conflict within the narrative as well as the love triangle. Shot 14- Close up of second female protagonist calling off the relationship with the male protagonist. (eye line match) Shot 15- Short pan to a Close up of male protagonist conveying a neutral look. This would emphasise the shock on the protagonist face. However this also creates an ambiguous resolution , thus urging the audience to want to know more.

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