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Tips to handle a Dental emergency Most people in Blacktown know what to do in case of any medical emergencies such as chest pain burns severe bleeding etc. But they have no idea how to handle a dental emergency. Certain injuries need immediate oral treatment from an emergency dentist in Blacktown while others can wait until normal working hours of the dental clinic. Whatever the case it is advised to approach a dental care unit or an emergency room nearby as soon as possible. But if you experience an emergency during night hours or over the weekend when it is hard to find a renowned dentist in Blacktown it is crucial to know how to manage the situation. Some tips that could help you in this regard are given here  Tooth pain  Rinse your mouth thoroughly with lukewarm water.  Inspect your mouth and if you find food particles lodged between teeth take it out by using dental floss.  If there is any swelling ice the area.  You can also get painkillers over the counter.  Broken tooth  Collect any pieces of the teeth if you could and wash your mouth with warm water.  Arrest the bleeding by applying gauze to the area.  Use cold pack over the area of the broken tooth to relieve pain or swelling.\  Knocked teeth  Rinse your mouth with warm water gently to remove dirt. Do not scrub the area.  Do not touch the root at any cost. It might damage the tissue that is essential for bone reattachment.  Hold the tooth in the mouth of the injured person. If you cannot do that wrap the tooth in a clean cloth and place it in saliva or milk. Do not let the tooth to dry out.

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 Tooth pushed out of position  Gently nudge the tooth back into its original position with little pressure. Do not force it.  Keep the tooth from moving by biting down.  Tissue injury  Injuries to the inside of the mouth should be cleaned right away with warm water and the person should be taken to a clinic.  Bleeding from the lacerations of the tongue could be treated by pressuring the wound with a gauge.  Sometimes you may not even know what is wrong with your teeth. Still you may suffer from severe tooth pain because of any infection. Call a dental hospital immediately. Some dental specialists in Blacktown leave slots in their schedule for emergency cases. Getting treated by a dental professional within an hour sometimes can make the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

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