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Astrid M. Rotter, DMD 18461 Pines Blvd. Pembroke Pines, FL 33029 Chapel Trail Plaza 954.433.8880 Looking for comfortable, confident and convenient care from a dentist in Pembroke Pines? You’ve come to the right place. From the minute you walk into our office you will notice a difference at Astrid M. Rotter, DMD. We care about you, your family and your friends, and we’re here to help you achieve your healthiest and brightest smile. Comfort and convenience are the hallmarks of Dr. Astrid M. Rotter, your Pembroke Pines cosmetic dentist. To ensure your satisfaction below is the information you need about our hours, location, appointment scheduling, insurance acceptance and billing.


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How to Prepare for a Visit to a Dentist In Pembroke Pines Whether a kid or an adult we surely need to visit a dentist at least once in our lifetime. Be it for a routine check-up or an emergency treatment you will have to sit on that dental chair once in a lifetime so why scared of it Yet we know people have a fear or anxiety to visit a dentist and this is not just with kids but sometimes even with grown- ups. So if you too are scared to visit a Dentist In Pembroke Pines worry not we will help you overcome your fear and prepare you for your first visit to a dental clinic. Confirm Your Appointment: The first thing to do when going for a dental check-up is to confirm your appointment with a reputed and experienced dentist. You may have taken a dental appointment a week or month ago but you never know when the dentist has to go for an emergency so check and confirm the appointment at least a day in advance. Make a List of Questions: Secondly we suggest you to jot down questions you have in mind when visiting a Dentist in Pembroke Pines. Whether you believe or not but one of the best ways to settle anxiety about anything is to ask questions about it and feel satisfied with the relevant answers. This is what we suggest you to do when going for a first dental visit. Pen down all sorts of queries you have in mind regarding your dental problem. Arrive on Time:Up next always arrive on time and if possible be a bit early at the dental clinic. This will give you sufficient time to calm down fill up necessary forms and even ask other patients in the clinic about their experience with the dentist. Be Open to Discuss Your Dental Issue: Most importantly you need to be open about your dental issue with the Dentist In Pembroke Pines. The questions you prepared before visiting the dentist should be asked one by one when you actually visit the dental clinic. Before starting the treatment learn why a treatment is best for you and what precautions are needed to be taken care of later on. Don’t ever hesitate asking any doubt about your dental treatment. Deep Breath Stay Positive: Once you are satisfied with all your concerns regarding a dental treatment that will be offered to you by the Dentist in Pembroke Pines we suggest you to deep breath. Stay calm and positive and follow the instructions given by the dentist when you sit on the dental chair for a treatment. Your calmness will help the dentist perform the treatment with the best of his or her capability. Ask for Next Check-up Schedule: Lastly don’t forget to ask for the next check-up schedule from the Dentist in Pembroke Pines you visit for a treatment. After all after visiting the dentist for the first time there will no more anxiety left in you and if required you must ask for second appointment for the next visit.

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Types of Treatments Offered by a Pembroke Pines Cosmetic Dentist Your smile has the power to win the world but what makes us confident to smile is most of the times our teeth. Worry not even if you have crooked missing or misaligned teeth as there are various cosmetic dental treatments to choose from. Thankfully there are trained and professional cosmetic dentists to help correct your smile by correcting our oral issues. If you wish to know what kind of cosmetic dental treatment is ideal for you there are different types of treatments offered by a Pembroke Pines Cosmetic Dentist. Dental Veneers: The number one treatment for which majority of people these days search for a Pembroke Pines Cosmetic Dentist Clinic is to get dental veneers. These customized thin shell veneers are the first choice for many people with discolored chipped crooked and damaged teeth. Dental Implants: Second popular cosmetic dental treatment given at some of the best cosmetic dental clinics all around the world are none other than Dental Implants. Gone are the days when people use to rely only on dentures for the purpose of using artificial teeth. Now there is an option to get dental implants. These permanent implants are designed to help you look good and chew food like you do with your natural teeth. On top of it they look all so natural and are easy to maintain too. Dental Crowns: Besides feel free to ask for a Dental Crown when visiting a Pembroke Pines Cosmetic Dentist. These professionals can easily crown your poorly shaped broken tooth or teeth with large gaps with this treatment. Teeth Whitening: Another popular treatment that one looks to opt at a dental clinic is that of Teeth Whitening. Also sometimes referred to as teeth bleaching this is all about whitening your discolored and stained teeth. However whether your teeth can be bleached or not is a decision that the cosmetic dentist will take after examining your teeth. Tooth Bonding: Likewise one can also choose for a Tooth Bonding dental treatment from a reputed Pembroke Pines Cosmetic Dentist. Basically meant to improve the appearance of your tooth in this treatment a tooth matching material is bonded to the tooth to hide its stained chipped or broken look. Teeth Shaping: Up next one can also ask for a Teeth Shaping treatment from a cosmetic dentist. As the name suggests here the dentist reshapes enamel of a damages tooth to give it a new shape matching to other teeth in the jaw. The best thing about this treatment is that it is painless and offers immediate results. Orthodontic Treatments: Besides the above-mentioned cosmetic dental treatments you can opt for Orthodontic treatments from a Pembroke Pines Cosmetic Dentist clinic. Strictly not meant for kids these treatments are a blessing in disguise for people living with low-esteem due to crooked gapped missing or misaligned teeth. No matter whichever treatment you may choose one thing is for sure that a cosmetic dentist can surely help you improve your dental structure and issues with satisfaction.

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Things to Look for when Choosing Best Dentist In Pembroke Pines So you have finally made up your mind to visit a dentist for an oral issue Well now we are sure you must be eager to know which type of dentist you need to consult and how Well for a general check-up or a minor dental issue you obviously need to consult a general dentist or periodontist. But before doing so make sure to get acquainted with certain things so that you don’t have to repent later on. Listed below are essential things to look for when choosing Best Dentist In Pembroke Pines. Experience and Qualification: The key thing to look for whenever choosing a dentist for any kind of dental issue is his or her experience. Besides experience we also suggest checking the qualification and specialization of the dentist. The more experienced a dentist the better results you can expect from him or her during a dental visit. Reputation and Recognition: For regular check-ups and treatment make sure to visit Best Dentist In Pembroke Pines with a good reputation and recognition. For this try checking your local state dental board to get a list of some of the best and recognized dentists in your area. Or you may even ask for references and referrals from your acquaintances about some good dentists. Well-Equipped Dental Clinic: Up next it is very important to visit Best Dentist In Pembroke Pines that work in well-equipped dental clinics. This means that they will no use any outdated or unhygienic dental tools that may give rise to any kind of oral infection. Your first visit to one such clinic will give you a good idea of what kind of hygiene is practiced there and whether the dentist is using the latest tools and equipment. Mediclaim and Insurance Factor: On the other hand we understand the worth of your money so we also suggest you to check that a dentist you plan to visit for a dental treatment accepts Mediclaim or other types of insurance payments or not. If not then is there any flexibility to pay especially when you are financially not so strong but you need a dental treatment for sure. Usually all reputed dentists offer flexible payment modes Vicinity Matters: At the same time we also feel that one should always visit Best Dentist In Pembroke Pines in your vicinity. This always helps especially in some emergency situations when you can’t bear your toothache. The closer the dental clinic to your home the faster you can reach in case of an emergency. Cost Estimates: Lastly not to forget that cost estimate also plays a vital role when choosing Best Dentist In Pembroke Pines. Never hesitate in asking for cost estimates for your particular dental treatment in written from your chosen dentist. This is also a great way to compare the cost of similar experienced dentists in your area. You can see for yourself which dentist to visit in terms of comparison between the costs and treatments offered.

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Incredible Advantages of Visiting a Pembroke Pines Dentist Regularly You know that you must visit a dentist every 6 months. If you are wondering why here are some reasons to justify this recommendation to visit Pembroke Pines Dentist: Early Detection of Oral Issues: The prime advantage of paying a visit to a dentist on a regular interval is early detection of oral issues. During such regular check-ups your dentist will examine your gums cavities and other oral issues and cure them on time if anything is detected. Sometimes such visits can help save a person’s life when oral cancer is detected at an early stage. Maintains Oral Health: Secondly a good dentist ensures the patient’s oral health is good and this can be done only when you choose to visit your dentist regularly. Be it the necessity to get teeth cleaned or to remove plaque such visits always work wonders to maintain oral health. Prevents Teeth Loss and Bad Breath: Likewise visiting a good Pembroke Pines Dentist helps in preventing teeth loss and the frustrating issue of bad breath. When you visit your dentist regularly he or she can easily save you from periodontitis that may otherwise destroy your teeth. At the same time regular check-ups help in professional cleaning of your teeth thereby eliminating chances of bad breath due to poor oral health. Prevents Gum Diseases: Another very important benefit of visiting a regular visit to a Pembroke Pines Dentist is that they help in preventing gum diseases. Yes regular check- ups with a good periodontist helps keeping harmful gum diseases at bay as the dentist will remove the unwanted plaque and tarter from your teeth and gums during these regular visits. Boosts Up Confidence: At the same time you see that people who visit their dentists regularly are more confident than those who don’t. Reason is that visiting a dentist regularly they get a boost up in self-esteem that there is nothing wrong in their teeth and oral health. They feel free and happy to smile with a perfect oral health. Sets Good Example for Kids: On the other hand if you have small kids at home who are afraid to visit a dentist we suggest you to set a good example for them by visiting a Pembroke Pines Dentist on a regular basis. If possible take them along to make them comfortable with the environment. Remember children try to mimic their parents and mimicking this habit is always good for their oral health. Money and Time Saving: Lastly whether one realizes or not but in the long run such regular check-ups with the dentist helps in saving both money and time. You are somehow saved against big and expensive to treat dental issues through such regular dental visits.

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