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http://www.westbrooktech.com Document Management Software Organizes Data and Protects Information, find out how Westbrook Technologies can help your business.


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Enterprise Document Management Solutions:

Document management software Organizes Data Protects information Enterprise Document Management Solutions

What is Document Management Software?:

What is Document Management Software? Software that allows documents to be stored in a network of databases. Provides automatic content management and easy access through specialized search options. Links information by topic of data making analysing and processing of documents easier and faster. x

Types of Software:

Fortis FortisSE For large companies. Can be configured for multiple users. Web access available. Designed for smaller businesses. Can be expanded as needed. Types of Software

System Security:

Installation Configuration The Fortis or FortisSe software must be installed on every work station. The software must be configured to each workstation. Without configuration users cannot access data. System Security

5 Point Access Security:

5 Point Access Security All users must have an individual Username and Password in order to access document management software. Application Access System Access Database Access Database Object Access Web Access

System Security:

System Security Software with customizable options. Web access can be disabled for added protection. System uses the same network as Microsoft. SOL Database Engine Image Storage Media Proprietary File Structure

Data Storage :

Data Storage Data storage is done view a network file system. Databases are created for targeted storage of information. Automated document management is precise and efficient. Get Organized

Access and Analyze :

Access and Analyze Documents can be accessed through a specialized search feature. Information can be analyzed based on links between information. Patterns and trends can be recognized to designate opportunities for savings and growth.

Save Time, Save Money:

Time Money Document processing can be done in minutes rather than in days. Saving time means cutting opperating costs.: Electricity Supplies Staff Save Time, Save Money

Summary of Benefits:

Summary of Benefits Consolidate Contro Conserve Organize information easily Control access to information, increasing security and lowering risk. Conserve time, money, and resources through efficent workflow.

Westbrook Tech Contact:

Company URL: http://www.westbrooktech.com/index.asp Company Phone: +1 (203 ) 483-6666 Westbrook Tech Contact

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