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With over 40 years of experience, WestAir Gases & Equipment supplies all types of industrial & specialty gases, welding suppliers & equipment and much more at the right time. To know more, visit http://www.westairgases.com/


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Safety Precautions for Handling COMPRESSED GAS CYLINDERS:

Safety Precautions for Handling COMPRESSED GAS CYLINDERS www.westairgases.com


Safety must be a primary goal while working with compressed gases cylinders, and safety & knowledge should go hand in hand. But many workers lack knowledge about the safety precautions. To prevent hazardous accidents, follow the below safety precautions while handling compressed gas cylinders at your workplace. www.westairgases.com


• Never drag, drop or slide cylinders • Avoid lifting cylinder by the cap • Never subject cylinders to abnormal mechanical shocks that may cause damage to their valves Precautions to Handle Cylinders www.westairgases.com


• Keep the protection cap on the cylinder until it is secured in its right place and ready for use • Replace the cap securely, hand tight only • If you find difficulties to open the cap, contact your supplier. Don’t ever try to force it open Precautions for Cylinder Cap www.westairgases.com


• Keep oxidizers, combustible materials and flammable gas storage far away by 20 feet • Always store cylinders in their assigned area in the upright position • Store only the right amount of compressed gas required for any application • The storage area should be cool, dry, fire resistant and well ventilated Precautions for Cylinder Storage www.westairgases.com


• Never expose any part of a cylinder to temp. above 125 degree Fahrenheit • Keep flames and sparks away from cylinder • Avoid striking an arc on a cylinder • Never permit oil, grease or any combustible substances to come in contact with gas cylinders Things to Keep Away from Cylinders www.westairgases.com


Always remember, “Compressed gas cylinders should be handled only by a well experienced person ‘who is familiar with the hazards and know proper handling techniques.” www.westairgases.com


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