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WestAir Gases & Equipment Inc. a premier supplier of industrial & specialty gases provides welding & safety equipment and gas-related engineering services throughout California. Visit http://www.westairgases.com/ for more information.


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A Few Interesting Facts about Nitrogen Nitrogen makes up around 78% of the air we breathe. Nitrogen is present in all living things, including the human body and plants. Nitrogen is used in the making of electronic parts, for industrial purposes and has many other useful applications. www.westairgases.com


Dry, inert nitrogen is an important industrial tool and used mainly in oil and gas industries. Since it’s a non-corrosive and non-explosive gas, it’s widely used for commercial and industrial applications. www.westairgases.com


Why nitrogen pumping? Nitrogen is an essential tool during plant start-ups, maintenance activities and turnarounds. Nitrogen pumping helps you to avoid costly turnarounds and heavy losses. It supplements gas supplies and improves production during peak demand. www.westairgases.com


Delivery Modes Bulk tankers Tube trailers Liquid tube trailers Jumbo tube trailers Mobile nitrogen pumpers www.westairgases.com


Applications Industrial Plants Pipelines Oil Well Completion Stimulation via Foam Treatments www.westairgases.com


Looking for reliable and high quality nitrogen pumping services in California? Visit www.westairgases.com/services/nitrogen-pumping for more information. E-mail: marketing@westairgases.com Call: (866) 937-8247 www.westairgases.com

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