Advancements of Composite Materials in Aerospace Industry


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Advancements of Composite Materials in Aerospace Industry:

Advancements of Composite Materials in Aerospace Industry

HondaJet Innovation:

HondaJet Innovation Integrally Molded Carbon Composite Fuselage HondaJet’s fuselage employs a carbon composite for a strong, lightweight structure. For assembly of the fuselage, Honda developed integral molding technology in which two types of panel Honeycomb sandwich panels & S tiffened panels are combined to create the aircraft body. The fuselage's carbon composite material and integral molding technology not only contribute to weight reduction, but also give the HondaJet its sleek external design.  

Gulfstream Innovation:

Thermoplastic composite Elevator & Rudder Gulfstream G650 is one of first of its kind, who have welded thermoplastic rudder and elevator tail section because of induction welding technology ( JEC 2010 Innovation Award winner, carbon/PPS material ).The thermoplastic material is Fortron ® P olyphenylene S ulphide (PPS), a high performance engineering polymer, from  Ticona . The pressure bulkhead floors of the Gulfstream G550 and G650 aircraft are a series of structurally-bonded carbon/PEI sandwich structures with pressure formed stiffeners . Gulfstream Innovation

Fokker AeroStructures Innovations:

TAPAS Project Started in 2009, TAPAS (Thermoplastic Affordable Primary Aircraft Structure) is a multiyear project in which Fokker Aerostructures, Airbus and a Dutch cluster of companies and institutes cooperate in the development of primary structure in thermoplastic composites. Carbon/UD materials, manufacturing technologies and design concepts are developed and qualified . Fokker Aerostructures is also developing and applying a thermoplastic fiber placement capability for the manufacture of skin panels . Fokker AeroStructures Innovations

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