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Do you feel frustrated tired with frequent headaches Has your life gone all topsy-turvy due to migraine attacks Don’t worry You will forget what a headache is and life will be pleasant again with homeopathy. Get quick long lasting and positive results with Welcome Cure. Click www.welcomecure.com/Patient/Registration Self medication can harm you and must be strictly avoided MIGRAINE

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Amazing facts figures about Migraine • 18 of the world Population have suffered from migraine at least once in their lifetime • Women are three times more prone to develop migraines attacks than men. • Often there are some factors that trigger migraine. Do Not Worry Together we can Check out further details by registering at www.welcomecure.com/Patient/Registration Are you the one suffering from Migraine too Isn’t it high time that we fight this painful disease for ever

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What is Migraine • Word “migraine” is derived from the Greek word-“hemicranias”- pain on one side of the head. • It is a chronic neurological disorder • Patient suffers from recurrent moderate to severe headaches • The person is extremely sensitive to light and sound which can last for hours to days. • It greatly affects the life of the sufferer. To get more information on this topic click www.welcomecure.com/Patient/Registration

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What happens in Migraine • Intense throbbing and pulsation at one side of the head • Extremely sensitive to light and sound • Accompanied with nausea and vomiting. • Can last hours to days • Transient visual sensory language or motor disturbances called AURA present in 30 cases To know what happens in migraine in detail Click www.welcomecure.com/HealthCare/Migraine/Migraine-Symptoms

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What are the causes of Migraine • Causes are not fully understood. • Genetic and environmental factors work seem to play a role. • Serotonin levels fall causing narrowing of the blood vessels. • This is followed by widening of the vessels and thus headache begins. Homeopathy eliminates the root cause of migraine and treats holistically. www.welcomecure.com/Patient/Registration

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What are Risk Factors for Migraine Migraine High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Emotional Stress Menses Painkillers Triptans Oral Contraceptives etc. Following are certain triggers that have been known to increase the risk of developing migraine.

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What can Migraine lead to • Stroke: Severe attack of migraine can lead to leakage of blood in the brain result in stroke which may prove dangerous. • Seizure: Episode of fits or convulsions called as Migraine Seizure. • Status Migrainosus: Attack can last for more than 72 hours. • Medication-Overuse Headache due to overuse of conventional medicines.

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Do’s • Know you trigger factors by keeping a track record. • Consume plenty of water during the attack and take rest. • Get a regular massage around the neck and shoulders. • Learn to relax your self mentally by doing positive activities like meditation dance or some art what you love. • Take break from your work life at times.

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Don’ts • Don’t eat too many sweets or fat-rich items. • Don’t eat at odd times. • Don’t have long intervals between meals • Don’t overexert yourself. • Avoid direct exposure to sun • Avoid taking pain killers and oral contraceptives. • Avoid strong smelling perfumes deodorants and detergents. Self medication can harm you and must be strictly avoided

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Diet Nutrition Include the following: • Plenty of water fruit juices coconut water etc • Eat a proper balanced diet • Maintain regular eating habits • Increase intake of omega 3 fatty acid- rich foods • Take a high-fiber diet- whole grains bran oat green leafy vegetables

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Diet Nutrition Avoid the following: • Highly seasoned food • Sugar or sugary foods / drinks • Foods such as white bread processed breakfast cereals white rice cakes cookies etc. • Junk food with high levels of saturated fats trans fats • Greasy oily fried fast foods • Avoid smoking and alcohol • Limit intake of simple carbohydrates

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Homeopathic Approach • Medicines are customized to suit unique condition of each individual patient. • When prescribed correctly there are no known side effects. • Safe for all age groups – from newborns to centurions – and even during pregnancy or breastfeeding To get maximum health benefit register www.welcomecure.com/Patient/Registration

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Role of Homeopathy in Migraine • Homeopathic has excellent medicines proven for the treatment of migraine on a specialized basis. • They help in relieving the severe or constant pains quickly effectively. • It helps reduce the excessive sensitivity to the causative and precipitating factors that trigger/worsen the headache. • It helps one to deal with stress and anxieties in a positive manner without suppressing them. Get rid of your Migraine permanently by registering with us at www.welcomecure.com/Patient/Registration

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Homeopathy for Migraine • Different people get tension headache from different causes and conditions. Therefore each person’s remedy is also unique. • When 2 leaves of the same branch don’t have the same vein pattern how can two human beings be same. We have 200+ highly efficacious remedies for Tension Headache. Some of the commonly used homeopathic medicines are:- 1. Gelsemium 2. Sanguinaria 3. Natrum Mur 4. Glonoine ……and many more……. For details click www.welcomecure.com/HealthCare/Migraine/Migraine-Treatment

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Homeopathy for Migraine We have numerous remedies which are differentiated based on the unique striking symptoms of each one. For example: • Throbbing pain in head which comes suddenly and goes suddenly worse by jarring movements: Belladonna • Headache due to overindulgence of alcohol and lack of sleep: Nux Vomica • Stinging burning and throbbing pain on left side of head: Spigelia • Pain as if from a nail in the head after excess of intoxicating drinks: Ruta Such minute differentiation is unique to Homeopathy Self medication can harm you and must be strictly avoided

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Homeopathic Medicines for Migraine Homeopathy has more than 220 effective remedies for migraine out of which few examples are- Sanguinaria • Periodical sick headache that begins on vertex and settles over the right eye. • Pain in back of head like a flash of lightning. • Headache returns on every 7th day of her menses. • Pain is better by lying down and after sleep Self medication can harm you and must be strictly avoided

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Homeopathic Medicines for Migraine Iris Versicolor for migraine • Frontal head ache • Constriction of scalp • Severe heartburn nausea vomiting • Blurring of vision with headache • Nausea is so intense that even vomiting does not relieve it. Only homeopathic physicians can listen to you completely because we require the minutest details before prescribing a remedy

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Homeopathic Medicines for Migraine Glonoine in migraine • When an attack of migraine comes on going out in the sun • Can not bear heat of the bed • Better by uncovering the head • Headache in place of menses • Rush of blood in head during pregnancy Homeopathy medicines can be used in all stages of like and are even safest during Pregnancy

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Benefits of Health Portal www.welcomecure.com • Save your precious time efforts and finances in physically visiting your doctor • Avail services of globally acclaimed doctors from our high-powered panel • Gain health in comfort convenience of your home • Avail round-the-clock 24x7 medical services guidance Continued….

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• Online payment with easy and secure payment options • Medicines at your doorstep • Anytime anywhere access to your medical records • Add-on features such as: Clinical tips Health tips Do’s Don’ts Nutrition tips Health calculators Health reminders etc…… to enrich your experience Benefits of Health Portal www.welcomecure.com Get the best of everything click www.welcomecure.com/Patient/Registration

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Cases and Results • An interesting case of a leading female artist who had totally becomes distressed with her migraine • Suffering from 5 years. • As she had to travel a lot her migraine would begin after every journey that lasted for more than one hour

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Chief Complaints of Patient • Along with headache severe nausea belching and vomiting would continue for 2-3 hours • Symptoms always got worse on travelling on slopes or uneven terrain • Sleeplessness due to headache. • Her migraine put her in such a dilemma that she always made sure she completed her journey a couple of days before her performance so that she was fit on the day of her act.

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Prescription and Follow up • The prescribed remedy was Cocculus indicus. • Within a week she felt better • In the next trip she was free of that migraine attack and no headache or vomiting • No even a single belch during that travel • Since 3 years she is regularly in touch and there is no reporting of migraine as she used to have earlier. To see 100s of such amazing cases visit www.welcomecure.com/HealthCare/Migraine-Success-Stories at www.welcomecure.com

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• Treat yourself with the most modern science that works on nano technology. • Homeopathy is completely logical and reason based medicine which treats you completely and that too naturally. Choose Homeopathy The Superior Alternative What are you waiting for Get free from the Agony of Migraines and have the best and healthiest of life. Go for HOMEOPATHY – Go for Total Health

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Welcomecure Welcome Cure Bye Bye Disease • For additional information about MIGRAINE and its effective homeopathic management visit at www.welcomecure.com • At “welcomecure” we have the best of the best homeopathic experts with decades of rich clinical experience on successful management of a wide range of disease conditions such as MIGRAINE For complete information about 100s of such conditions managed wonderfully with homeopathy visit www.welcomecure.com

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