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ALOPECIA AREATA Your LOOKS Portray Your IDENTITY and Your HAIR Enhances Your LOOKS But when you Lose Your HAIR YOU are in BIG TROUBLE Get Back Your Beautiful and Healthy HAIR with the Power of Advanced Homeopathy Click Self medication can harm you and must be strictly avoided

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Get COMPLETE and PERMANENT Solution for your Alopecia with World-Class HOMEOPATHY Click: Amazing Facts and Figures About Alopecia Areata • About 4.5 million people in the United States spend 1000s of dollars for the treatment of Alopecia Hair Fall • Worldwide distribution but people from North Western and Eastern European countries suffer most • The male to female ratio is 1.4:1 • About 1 in 5 persons with alopecia develop total scalp baldness • About 1 in 10 persons with alopecia develop loss of all scalp and body hair

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What is Alopecia Areata • ALOPECIA originates from Greek word “alopekia” meaning “fox mange” or disease with hair loss in foxes. • Alopecia Areata means “hair loss in patches” • Autoimmune condition that affects individuals of all ages and both genders. • Small bald patches occur in scalp or beard • T-lymphocyte cells from immune system attack hair roots stop hair growth and ultimately cause death of the hair roots

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• Small bald patches appear on scalp or beard • Affects mostly scalp and beard but can occur in any hair bearing part of the body • Hair easily pulls out on the edges of the patches where the hair is already absent • Hair loss is generally temporary • Hair re-grows in 6 months to 1 year • Likely to be permanent when associated with other autoimmune diseases. What Happens in Alopecia Areata To know more about Alopecia click

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What happens in Alopecia Areata

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What Causes Alopecia Areata • Heredity plays a major role • History of severe illnesses such as typhoid malaria tuberculosis etc. • Acute or chronic phases of high fever • Nutritional deficiencies • Infections of the scalp • Emotional stress • Certain drugs like strong antibiotics and chemotherapeutic medicines Continued...

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• Hormonal changes especially during pregnancy and also after discontinuing contraceptive pills • Certain chemicals like those used to purify swimming pools • Wear and tear due to over-grooming • Repeated bleaching perming and dyeing • Permanent dyes damage the hair shaft much earlier than temporary dyes What Causes Alopecia Areata

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What are the Risk Factors for Alopecia Areata • Heredity – close relatives with alopecia • Existing skin diseases or autoimmune disorders • Thyroid disorders • Respiratory disorders especially Asthma • Emotional stress and trauma • Pregnancy • Hormonal imbalances Click:

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What can Alopecia Areata lead to Physical effects The autoimmune condition or underlying cause of alopecia also affects the other parts of the body. Psychological effects • Affects the quality of life of the person • Reduces self esteem • Negative impact on emotional levels affecting the confidence levels of the patient • Withdrawal from society and depression

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Do’s for Alopecia • Recognize signs of stress and work towards resolving it. • Have sufficient night sleep • Use shampoo to clean hair once in 2 to 3 days depending on activity level. • Dry your hair before blow-drying. • Use bathing cap while swimming in a chlorinated pool to avoid damage • Trim the ends of hair when you notice split ends • Use gentle and hair-friendly hair products such as dyes shampoo etc.

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Don’ts for Alopecia • Avoid using strong dyes and other chemical treatments like bleaching and perming hair. • Avoid split ends snip off the ends cleanly every 2 weeks. • Avoid tight hair styles or tying hair tightly with elastic hair bands. Continued...

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Don’ts for Alopecia • Do not use hot irons spiked rollers frequently. • Never hold hair dryer too close to scalp. • Never use sharp combs or brushes especially on wet hair. • Avoid over-zealous scalp massage or brushing.

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Diet and Nutrition Foods to Consume • Foods rich in anti-oxidants like bright-colored fruits and vegetables. • Protein-rich foods as Hair needs proteins. • Omega 3 fatty acids such as flaxseeds fish oils spinach broccoli and cauliflower. • Biotin dietary supplements as well as minerals present in blue green alga are good for hair growth • Aloe vera pulp and onion juice can be applied to the scalp as well as consumed by mouth to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.

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Foods to Avoid • Acidic food and other substances that trigger inflammation • Milk and dairy products • Sweets and other sugary foods • Refined foods like bakery items junk food • Fried oily and greasy food Diet and Nutrition

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• All homeopathic medicines have been tested and proven only on healthy human beings • Homeopathy considers man as a whole and not just the sum of his parts • Homeopathic approach is • comprehensive • patient-friendly • deep-rooted • permanent/long lasting • gentle • Swift ……and much more…… Homeopathic Approach To know more click

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Homeopathic treatment has been highly successful and has shown excellent results in treatment of Alopecia areata. It helps in: • Reduction in rate of hair fall • Promotion of growth of hair in affected areas • Maintenance of health and well being of hair • Prevention of recurrence of Alopecia • Removal of the root cause to provide long-lasting relief. Homeopathy for Alopecia Areata To Regain Great Hair Naturally Click Homeopathic medicines are selected on the basis of causation unique characteristics location and area of hair loss aggravating and mitigating factors and most importantly the person’s constitution

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Homeopathic medicines for alopecia areata are selected as per the requirements of each individual case. The homeopathic remedies are customized for each person. For example: Homeopathy for Alopecia Areata This fine differentiation of remedies based on minute observations is the uniqueness of Homeopathy • Excessive sensitiveness of hair roots with hair fall in women having pulsating headaches: Sepia • Loss of hair following general weakness such as after delivery or severe illness: Carbo vegetabilis • Great sensitiveness and itching of scalp with falling of hair that are matted together and pulled out easily: Vinca minor • Greasy oily hair with dry eruptions on the margins of scalp with loss of hair while combing: Natrum muriaticum Self medication can harm you and must be strictly avoided

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• Homeopathy offers 80+ highly effective remedies for Alopecia areata • Each person’s remedy is chosen after a detailed study of the unique and individualizing factors for that patient. A few commonly used homeopathic remedies are:  Lycopodium  Pulsatilla  Graphites  Arnica  Argentum nitricum ….and many more… Few Amazing Remedies for Alopecia Areata Self medication can harm you and must be strictly avoided

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Arnica • Hair fall after traumatic injuries to the affected part • Scalp feels contracted with sensation of cold spot on forehead • Crops of small boils on scalp with hair fall • Patient is worse from least touch motion better from lying with head low • Patient has sore lame and bruised feeling with fear of approach of anyone Few Amazing Remedies for Alopecia Areata Self medication can harm you and must be strictly avoided

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Pulsatilla • Hair fall with severe nerve pain in the right temple area of head • Hair fall with acne due to hormonal imbalances • Hair fall after eating rich food • Patient is worse from rich fatty food towards the evening in a warm room • Patient is timid irresolute and weeps easily better with consolation Few Amazing Remedies for Alopecia Areata Self medication can harm you and must be strictly avoided

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Few Amazing Remedies for Alopecia Areata Lycopodium • Premature graying of hair with severe hair fall • Scalp becomes thick and hard with violent itching • Symptoms are worse on right side and between 4 and 8 pm. • Earthy looking patient with apprehension weak memory and great sadness For further information click Self medication can harm you and must be strictly avoided

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Cases A 32-year-old lady presented with Alopecia areata and Depression due to financial losses with no response to several other treatments tried by her. Important Symptoms in brief: • Patches of hair loss on her scalp in different areas • Marked whiteness of skin in those patches Case of Alopecia with Depression completely relieved in just 4 months with Homeopathy Continued...

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Individualizing Features Homeopathic Approach: • Depression due to husband’s financial loss and fears of impending financial crisis • Constantly dwelling in those thoughts for the last 5 months • Palms and feet were quite hard and cracked • Frustrated about her hair loss Treatment given: • After a detailed analysis of the complete case she was prescribed the homeopathic remedy Calcarea fluorica Cases

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Results obtained: 1 st month followup: • There was marked improvement in her hair fall. • She started gradually regaining hair in the bald patches. 2 nd month followup: • She completely regained her hair back no signs of Alopecia • Her fears and depression were also markedly decreased. Cases Check out many such amazing cases at Homeopathy not only helped her Regain her Precious Hair back It also changed her overall Quality Of Life in a very Short Time

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• Free yourself from the embarrassment of Alopecia Areata • Gain back your confidence and face the world with self belief • Protect and Preserve your Precious Hair with HOMEOPATHY • Live to the full extent of your true inborn potential Choose Homeopathy The Superlative Alternative Go for HOMEOPATHY – Go for TOTAL HEALTH For complete information about a variety of such conditions managed wonderfully with HOMEOPATHY visit

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