Allergy Rhinitis

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Get Rid of Your ALLERGIES with HOMEOPATHY For a Permanent Solution click ALLERGIC RHINITIS • Do you often suffer from itchy runny nose • Does your day begin with sneezing bouts • Are you always ‘sick’ in spring winter

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Get Complete Long-lasting Relief With HOMEOPATHY Go for Homeopathy Go for Better Health To combat your ALLERGIES Naturally Permanently with HOMEOPATHY click

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• Allergic diseases are the 5th most prevalent chronic diseases in all ages and the 3rd most common in children • Allergic rhinitis affects between 10 and 30 of the population worldwide • About 16.9 million adults and 6.7 million children have been diagnosed with hay fever in 2013 • Children have a 30 - 60 chance of developing allergic rhinitis if one of their parents have it and a 50- 70 chance if both the parents have it. It’s about time that we tackled overcame this menace once and for all To know more about Allergic Rhinitis Click Amazing Facts Figures About Allergic Rhinitis

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• Allergic rhinitis is an allergic inflammation of nasal passages. • Affects any age group and occurs after repeated inhalation of allergic substances. What is Allergic Rhinitis

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• Sneezing bouts • Copious watery nasal discharge • Itching in nose • Nasal congestion obstruction • Itching redness watering of eyes • Discomfort or itching in ears • Other general symptoms like fatigue weight loss decreased appetite What Happens in Allergic Rhinitis

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• Outdoor allergens - Pollen from trees grass ragweed etc. • Indoor allergens - Pet dander mold cockroach particles dried skin flakes saliva urine of animals etc. • Irritants - Smoke strong odors changes in temperature and humidity of the air etc. What Causes Allergic Rhinitis

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Genetic predisposition – • Having other allergies or asthma increases risk for allergic rhinitis • Having blood relative with allergic rhinitis - 30 chance when one parent has it - 50 chance when both parents have it Environmental factors – • Cold weather high humidity • Exposure to chemicals and fumes • Smoking What are Risk Factors for Allergic Rhinitis

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Allergic rhinitis can have a significant impact on one’s daily activities and performance in school and work If not treated appropriately it may lead to complications such as – • Sinusitis - Inflammation of paranasal sinuses • Otitis Media - Inflammation of middle ear • Fatigue with inability to concentrate on studies or work • Secondary infection of nasal passages throat airways and even lungs. What can Allergic Rhinitis lead to

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Homeopathic Approach • The hallmark of homeopathy is that the focus is on totality of symptoms not just the allergy symptoms. • It is based on the fact that no two individuals are exactly the same. • Each person is unique. Therefore 10 persons with allergic rhinitis may require 10 different Homeopathic remedies which gives result in the patient. • Homeopathic medicines are selected after a detailed study of each individual patient i.e. customized to each patient To get maximum benefits from Homeopathy click

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 Homeopathy helps in regulating the immune system and improves its efficiency  It reduces the excessive sensitivity to harmless allergens like pollen dander etc.  It protects preserves our health from the harmful effects of pollutants that exist all around us  It gradually reduces intensity frequency duration of allergic rhinitis attacks Role of Homeopathy in Allergic Rhinitis For further details Click

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Homeopathy has a huge advantage in relieving a large number of patients from the distress of Allergic rhinitis. We have a large number of highly effective remedies for allergic rhinitis which are selected on the basis of patient’s unique symptoms. A few commonly used remedies are: • Pulsatilla • Allium cepa • Sabadilla • Euphrasia • Gelsemium …..and many more…… These remedies are used in varied intensities as per the need in different cases Homeopathic Medicines For Allergic Rhinitis

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Homeopathic remedies are selected on the basis of minute differentiation from the unique symptoms of each individual case. For example: • Spasmodic sneezing from odors of flowers with profuse watery discharge: Sabadilla • Sneezing with watery acrid nasal discharge and bland tears better in open air: Allium Cepa • Sneezing on exposure to slightest cold with thick offensive discharge: Hepar Sulphur Thus you can see the fine differentiation of symptoms and remedies that is unique to Homeopathy. Homeopathic Medicines For Allergic Rhinitis

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Homeopathic Medicines for Allergic Rhinitis Some of the common remedies are • Pulsatilla • The person is very sensitive weepy clingy • Thick yellowish discharge from the nose • Allergies are worse in warm room • Thirstlessness with all symptoms • Increased sensitivity to cold air

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Allium cepa • Indicated for copious watery and acrid discharge from nose • Bland tears from the eyes • Sneezing on entering warm room • Bad effects after getting wet • Worse in evening and warm room • Better in open air Continued….

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Sabadilla • For violent spasmodic sneezing followed by tears from the eyes • Face hot and red • Eyelids red and burning • Intense itching tingling in the nose • Obstructed sensation in the nose. For complete details about homeopathic treatment for allergic rhinitis click

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• Save your precious time efforts and finances in physically visiting your doctor • Avail services of globally acclaimed doctors from our high-powered panel • Gain health in comfort convenience of your home • Avail round-the-clock 24x7 medical services guidance Benefits of Health Portal Continued….

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• Online payment with easy and secure payment options • Medicines at your doorstep • Anytime anywhere access to your medical records • Add-on features such as: Clinical tips Health tips Do’s Don’ts Nutrition tips Health calculators  Health reminders etc…… to enrich your experience Benefits of Health Portal To get maximum benefits click

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• Identify the cause or allergen and try to avoid it. • Keep a diary and try to trace a pattern or relation between your allergic reaction and allergen exposure. • Choose unprocessed food and check food labels for additives. • Close doors/windows during pollen season • Breastfeed your baby for the first 6 months to strengthen the immune system and protect from infections. Do’s Continued….

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• Use dehumidifier and/or HEPA filter • Wear dust mask to cover mouth nose while doing outdoor activities such as gardening dusting etc. • Use air conditioning with allergy filter • Vacuum clean carpets beds linen regularly • Keep pets outdoor at least out of bedroom Do’s

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• Avoid outdoor activity early in the morning when pollen counts are highest • Avoid stress anxiety and tension as these can influence the frequency and severity of symptoms • Avoid mowing lawns raking leaves or dusting house • Avoid using carpets that attract dust in bedroom • Avoid keeping pets inside the house especially bedroom Don’ts

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Foods to include: • Warm fluids like tea or chicken soup help to clear the airways by clearing the mucus. • Have diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids found abundantly in fish almonds walnuts pumpkin seed and flax seeds. • Foods like yogurt are naturally rich in healthy probiotic bacteria and boost immunity reduce chances of infections. Diet Nutrition

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Foods to avoid: • Certain foods that are likely to cause allergic reactions such as peanuts strawberries eggs etc. • Certain fruits and vegetables melons tomatoes celery peaches etc. • Beer and wine can trigger allergic reaction in some people • Spicy foods with chillies or jalapenos Diet Nutrition

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• A 34-year-old engineer came with complaints of recurrent allergic rhinitis for the last 2 years His important symptoms were: • Attack would begin as soon as he woke up in the morning with severe sneezing. • Attack would last for 10 minutes followed by runny nose. • This drama would happen every 4 months • The patient was irritated and frustrated because he was unable to concentrate on his work Case of Allergic Rhinitis treated holistically by Homeopathy

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Mental State • He was a short-tempered person and would react easily to the smallest of matters • He demanded cleanliness. Slightest uncleanliness would make him react very violently by shouting loudly. • He was a perfectionist with a flair for organization. • He would accept any professional challenge whole-heartedly

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Treatment Given: Nux Vomica 200 Results Obtained • After 5 days the patient was about 50 better • His sneezing and runny nose were better controlled • He continued treatment for 6 months and was completely relieved from his allergic rhinitis. • He could focus much better on his work than before Check out 100s of such successfully treated cases

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• Get freedom from the terrible bouts of sneezing and nasal discharges • Live a life free from allergies and numerous dietary restrictions • Enjoy the bloom of spring in nature’s lap Choose Homeopathy – The Superior Alternative Don’t you want to enjoy rather than dread nature Isn’t this what you have been waiting patiently for Get widest choice from a panel of world class doctors with collective experience of more than 4 Million clinical hours” Click

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Welcomecure Welcome Cure Bye Bye Disease Protecting Enhancing Your Health Always….. • For additional information about Allergic rhinitis and its effective homeopathic management visit Rhinitis/Allergic-Rhinitis-Overview at • At “welcomecure” we have top-of-the-line homeopathic experts with decades of rich clinical experience on successful management of a wide range of disease conditions such as Allergic rhinitis. • To check out further details click

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