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What's Seo Zen? Why you need it? Seo Zen is the push button solution to SEO perfection that your customers have been looking for. This software will alow you to have fully seoed, silo optimized, monetized sites full of content literally with the push of few buttons and then rank them with high PR relevant links the plugin hand picks for them! SEO ZEN - Features    Have a perfectly optimized site by pressing a button    Be able have a site fully monetized in seconds    Populate the site with quality content    Harness exactly what the search engine is looking for onpage    Increase their conversion rates (without ever leaving the software)    Increaser time spent on the site    Achieve munch higher rankings due to superior silo SEO    Have high PR link sources delivered to them like clock work    Build sites that would take hours to make in a few clicks    Create quality monetizes SEO suprior sites with no effort or time investment

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Why you need this seo software? First, you need to know traffic is very important to make money online or increase online business! Natural and target traffic is more effective for your business! Seo is great way to get that traffic! It's no secret that with all of Google's updates in recent years, the SERPs have been crazier than a bag of cats. Most people think this means that it's harder than ever to rank. The truth is that right now, if you take advantage of the MASSIVE loopholes that Google has left WIDE OPEN, it's easier to rank now than it has been in years. And if you want to know what those loopholes are, then you should be paying attention to Becker at Source-Wave. Becker makes it a daily habit of bending Google to his will, routinely ranking for keywords that get 5k, 10k, even 20k searches per month...and doing it not only quickly, but with relative ease.

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