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Welcome to the Traffic Generator Engine, one of the most innovative sources today for social media marketing. Here’s how the Traffic Generator Engine works: When you sign up with our website, you get access to our software which lets you create coupons that you can then offer to potential customers in exchange for them Liking your Facebook page. If you’re familiar with social marketing then you’ve probably Liked a few pages yourself in exchange for a special offer or free gift by some company. When companies offer you coupons and bonuses in exchange for your Liking their page, they actually make money. After all, the more Likes you get to your Facebook page, the more people see your page, the more contact you can have with those people, and the more things you can sell and the more money you can make. So that’s a great idea, right? But Traffic Generator Engine has taken it one step further. Not only will visitors have to Like your Facebook page in order to receive their coupon, gift, etc: They also have to Post about your page. What Is Traffic Generator Engine?

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Our website automatically directs people to Like and then Post about your company’s Facebook page before offering them the coupon. In this way, your company’s Facebook page is exposed more dramatically to an even larger audience that has the potential to grow exponentially. Think of it this way: Say a person wants to get your free coupon. They Like your page then Post something to their Facebook wall about it: “Great offer by an awesome company! Check them out!” And then all of their friends see the Post. How Does It Work? Now, some of their friends don’t care because they only added this person because they went to high school together. But some of their friends have similar interests and hobbies and think your coupon is very exciting also. If just five of these people decide to act on your offer- Like your page, write a Post about it, and receive your coupon- and then just five of their friends do the same, contacting just the one original customer brought you another twenty-five.

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Contacting one customer can actually be like contacting twenty-five, but with less effort on your part. Now say you want to offer your customers another coupon, but they’ve already Liked your Facebook page. If you’ve ever been in this situation (and who doesn’t like a good coupon, right?) then you know there are usually only two possible outcomes: 1. You don’t get the coupon because you’ve already Liked the page; or 2. You get the coupon without any additional promotion or effort because you’ve already Liked the page. You want your customers to be able to get your coupons, but you also need to advertise your business. Our website recognizes that a customer trying to access the coupon has already Liked your Facebook page. The website then directs the customer to write another Post about the page before receiving the coupon. There’s no limit to how many times a person can Post about a page, so there’s no limit to how many coupons, special offers and great deals they can receive. And, most importantly, there’s no limit to how much you can expose your business to a potential customer audience.

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