Bulk SMS in Diabetics Management


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Text Messaging and Diabetes Management: Public Health Researchers Are Using SMS


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How SMS Service Helps In Diabetes Management?

What Is Bulk SMS?:

What Is Bulk SMS? Bulk SMS is defined as "Sending one message to large number of mobile terminals with a single click through technology based applications or any software".   Let say uploading 1 Lac mobile numbers through excel file and upload the file to the application or SMS Panel will reduce our time and effort. Types of Bulk SMS Service Promotional SMS Transactional SMS

SMS Service Helps In Diabetes Management? :

SMS Service Helps In Diabetes Management? Based on studies, text messaging programme can aid diabetics as patient manage their condition. A new research comes across called Disease management program by using Bulk SMS Software. It impact for Diabetic Patient over the course of treatment. The program uses automated text software to engage patient with their own healthcare and to co- ordinate care efforts made on their behalf by nurses & physicians. Based on research we observed SMS service is a cost saving tool among patients who used this technology. SMS Service indicates such programs can help reduce per capita cost of healthcare. Text messaging can enable health care organization too effectively support patients beyond the Traditional health care setting and achieve aim of better heath, better health care and lower costs. WEGUS Infotech Pvt Ltd provides automated text messaging program designed for Increase knowledge, self- efficacy and subsequent disease management & glycaemic control. We introduce low cost technology & vital tool when it comes to engaging patients and encouraging self-care with doctor’s appointments.

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