Best Unusual LinkedIn Marketing Hack


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Through the years, LinkedIn continues to grow as a platform to generate quality leads for businesses. In fact, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and fully 79% of B2B marketers say that Linkedin has been an effective avenue for lead generation.Keep reading and learn from the 11 LinkedIn marketing unicorns:


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Best Unusual LinkedIn Marketing Hack :

Best Unusual LinkedIn Marketing Hack

Power of LinkedIn:

Power of LinkedIn LinkedIn is a Great platform to generate quality leads for businesses. In fact,  80 percent  of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and fully  79 percent  of B2B marketers say that LinkedIn has been an effective avenue for lead generation. LinkedIn Helps you in : - Grow visibility Increase product sales Improve customer service Generate brand awareness

LinkedIn Marketing Hack:

LinkedIn Marketing Hack To help you navigate LinkedIn as a marketing platform, here are best unusual LinkedIn marketing hacks you can use to find: New customers, Create new contacts And ultimately grow your business.

#1. Never share an Article:

#1. Never share an Article After publishing your article on LinkedIn, grab the URL and create an post about the piece and explaining who would benefit from reading it. it'll double your chances of viral activity.

#2. Write Content for Everyone:

#2. Write Content for Everyone DON'T write content that only appeals to a tiny group of experts. Instead, post stuff that everyone could comment on.

#3. Repost your Post:

#3. Repost your Post Repost to LinkedIn anything that has driven high engagement on your other social channels like Facebook, twitter, reedit . Likewise, share your most viewed and commented post with new title and description.

#4. start a conversation:

#4. start a conversation Make sure every post has a question. LinkedIn is a social platform and great for discussions.

#5. Use the summary section smartly:

#5. Use the summary section smartly Use the summary section of LinkedIn to drive a CTA (call-to-action). Include a proper contact number , email, link direct to your "learn more" or "buy now" page on your blog/website.

#6. Make your Employees your Brand Ambassadors:

#6. Make your Employees your Brand Ambassadors Why? People engage 10x more likely with employee profiles than with company pages. Don't invest all of your time and effort in your company page. Instead Invest in a "mini employee advocacy boot camp":

#7 Response every message :

#7 Response every message Thanks people who send you greeting on your birthday and work anniversary congratulations and ask them if they'll help you by sharing your post.

#8. Post Trending Topics:

#8. Post Trending Topics Research trending topic on going onto Medium or popular blogs, see what topics are trending that day, and then coming onto LinkedIn and sharing your perspective on those issues.


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