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When it comes to creating a design that boosts conversions and generates revenue, many businesses continue to struggle. Your website needs to be appealing, but it also needs to make money. It’s still a common mistake for businesses to focus on a design that looks good rather than one that maximizes their conversion rates. These mistakes are subtle, but they do a lot of damage. Common web design mistake, website design mistake, web designing mistake, most silly mistake in web designing, website design, web design issues, list of web development mistake, common web designer mistake.


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Common Website Design Mistake:

Common Website Design Mistake WeDigTech Website Designing Company in Los Angeles

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About WeDigTech WeDigTech is a full Stack mobile & web apps development Company in India with sales offices in Los Angeles California US. If you're building more than just an app, but rather a sustainable technology BUSINESS, talk to us!


Website design can be difficult to master. When it comes to creating a design that drives a lot of traffic and creates a lot of revenue, most businesses struggle. They make simple and very common mistakes.

Let’s take a look at common Mistakes:

Let’s take a look at common Mistakes Design  mistakes Typography mistakes Content mistakes Usability mistakes Navigation mistakes Graphics and image mistakes Performance mistakes Legal mistakes


Website design isn’t rocket science, but it does take work

Design  Mistakes :

Design  Mistakes 1. No responsive design 2. No favicon 3. Generic 404 pages 4. Your home page uses carousels. 5. Your website is slow. 6. Slow server response times 7. Your website rejects design norms.

Typography Mistakes:

Typography Mistakes 8. Choosing an unclear font 9. Poor kerning, tracking, and leading 10. Using too many fonts 11. Using conflicting fonts

Content Mistakes:

Content Mistakes 12. Your content isn’t focused on visitors. 13. Your content isn’t scannable. 14. Poor use of whitespace 15. Poor grammar

Usability Mistakes:

Usability Mistakes 16. Not answering visitor questions 17. Poor search

Navigation Mistakes:

Navigation Mistakes 18. Not changing the color of visited links 19. Centering website logos 20. Invisible navigation menus 21. Uncontrollable navigation

Graphics and Image Mistakes:

Graphics and Image Mistakes 22. Generic stock photography 23. Poor sizing and scaling 24. Unresponsive image sizing. 25. Missing metadata

Performance Mistakes:

Performance Mistakes 26. Your website doesn’t work with all modern browsers 27. You’ve become overly dependent on JavaScript. 28. There’s no image or file compression. 29. There’s no browser caching. 30. CSS, HTML, and JavaScript haven’t been minified

Legal Mistakes:

Legal Mistakes 31. No Privacy policy 32. No return policy or warranty information

Final Words:

Final Words This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’s a great starting point if you’re looking to create a profitable website. 

Any Question?:

Any Question? What kind of website design mistakes have you run into recently?

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