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In this Presentation we will take a look at how the Internet of Things is changing the way we interact with the Animals. In this post we see the mobile apps that connect with internet and track yours lost animals, health patterns, sick cattle and your animal’s Behaviour. The Internet of Things (IoT), refers to the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with other connected devices, individuals, or organizations. WHY DON'T WE APPLY THE PRINCIPLE OF INTERNET OF THINGS TO ANIMALS? Internet of Things , IoT for animals , Internet of Everything, Internet of Things (IoT)


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internet of animals:

internet of animals WeDigTech


Could you ever imagine that Internet of Things is going to change our animals? Yes, this is possible, just keep reading and you will discover it!


. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  ―  Mahatma Gandhi


. " Animals are such agreeable friends ― they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms." ― George Eliot

Internet of Things For Animals:

Internet of Things For Animals Could you ever imagine that  Internet of Things  is going to change our animals? IoT for animals is probably the next good step after Human to Machine Interaction.  IoT for animals  is basically same as Human to machine Communication, except for the fact that the source of data collection will be animals instead of humans . Connect your pet with Internet


In this Presentation we will take a look at how the Internet of Things is changing the way we interact with the Animals.   And we see the mobile apps that connect with internet and track yours lost animals, health patterns, sick cattle and your animal’s Behavior. Lets Go!

Fitbark for Dogs:

Fitbark for Dogs Fitbark  enables you to monitor your dog’s progress and activity. You can compare activity with standards for the breed to see if your dog is as healthy as it could be. Get information from the smartphone app to see how much interaction the dog is getting, how much sleep it has and how much activity it has done.

Fitbark Features::

Fitbark Features: Understand Your Dog’s Health Explain Changes In Behavior Make Better Decisions With Your Vet Compare With Similar Dogs Share Memories With Friends & Family

Tagg GPS:

Tagg GPS The Tagg monitors your animal’s location and alerts you if the animal is not where it is supposed to be. It monitors pet exercise levels. A temperature sensor alerts the app if the animal is either too hot or cold. The iOS or Android app also searches for nearby vets, dog parks and pet stores.

Tagg GPS Features:

Tagg GPS Features Nationwide GPS Coverage – Location Alerts – Live GPS tracking – Custom Whistle zones -

Silent Herdsman:

Silent Herdsman Silent Herdsman follows a cows’ activity during the day. When a cow passes a Wi-Fi point, real time information is relayed to the farmer to notify him of changes in behavior and health. This maximizes fertility and milk yield.

Silent Herdsman Features:

Silent Herdsman Features Herd Management Integration – Reporting Capabilities – Sorting Gate Integration – Grouping of Cows and Adjusting Sensitivity Levels -

Voyce for dogs:

Voyce for dogs Voyce allows you to share health and other trends with your network of careers and your veterinarian. The app helps you support proactive care for your dog between vet visits. The collar monitors vital signs including resting heart rate and respiratory rate, along with other indicators such as activity, rest and calories burned. You can check how your dog is doing through your browser.

Voyce for dogs Features:

Voyce for dogs Features Resting Heart Rate – Resting Respiratory Rate – Activity & Intensity – Calories Burned – Distance Traveled - Quality Of Rest – Email Alerts -

Geo Dog:

Geo Dog GeoDog enables you to track your dog’s position using an iOS app on your phone. You can remotely hear what your dog can hear and give sound signals to the dog. You can set up zones and be alerted when your dog moves out of those zones or enters a non permitted zone.

Geo Dog features:

Geo Dog features Track Position- Danger Zones- Search Mode- Zones - Virtual fences -

Horse Alarm:

Horse Alarm The Horse Alarm sensor monitors sweating and when the horse is lying down. This gives an indication that the mare is foaling, or the horse is not well. Alarms can be set to suit your horse. Connection to GSM means that alarms can be received remotely via text to your phone.

Horse Alarm Features:

Horse Alarm Features Monitor up to eight horses simultaneously. Also measures the temperature in the stable. Possibility to connect to GSM. Operating temperature -20˚ till +50˚C // (IP66 ). A complete package containing everything needed for a safer foaling period.


Wuf Wuf is an activity tracking device with two way audio, voice and tone commands for your dog. It provides an invisible fence with preset alarms. It uses Bluetooth to communicate with the iOS app so you can see whether your dog is sitting, sleeping, walking, running or playing.

Wuf Features:

Wuf Features Two-Way Audio Activity Tracking Gps Feeding Recommendations Rugged And Waterproof

Moo Monitor:

Moo Monitor This device monitors health and fertility for cows. Cows come into heat for about eight hours. Missing this window means a potential loss of revenue for the farmer.Data can be monitored on mobile devices ensuring that milk production does not fall and insemination costs are optimized.


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