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Wedding Checklist- Learn the art of Wedding Planning | Wedding Pathshala Wedding planning is truly an art in the true sense of the word. It requires dedicated passion and zeal to make your work count. From the outside it might look like a very charming and interesting work to do but what goes into making this job look tempting stays on the backfoot. Along with a huge business responsibility you also have the couple’s biggest day at stake. You certainly should not go wrong anywhere that can spoil the family’s biggest event. Hence it is essential for wedding planners to have proper knowledge training and experience of the work. If you are quite intimidated by the wedding planning business and think that you might be a perfect fit for this line here is a small guide that will help you get through. Getting started with wedding planning: The importance of a Certificate or Diploma Course After you’ve made your mind to pursue this line of work the first thing that you should do is gather enough knowledge. Even if you have some itsy-bitsy

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experience of planning weddings of some relatives cousins friends etc. you should enroll yourself in a certified diploma course just to be sure. Here are some reasons why having a Certificate in Wedding management Course from a certified Wedding Planning Institute will benefit you: ● A wedding planner course will not only help you understand the basics of wedding planning but will also provide you with enough tips tricks and methods to manage difficult situations. ● Certificate in Wedding Planning Course will get you accustomed to various themes customs traditional beliefs concepts selection of venues and locations etc. ● In order to manage the wedding intricacies properly you must have adept knowledge of contract negotiations vendor planning marketing and media. All these will be cultivated on your brain once you get enrolled in a Certificate in Wedding management Course. ● It will be a good way to kick start your career as you will be working with the best people in your field. If you are proficient enough you can make good contacts with the clients. ● With the help of the Certification Course in Wedding Planning you will get a guided the estimate of how to set up your own wedding planning company how to pursue and win clients for your business. ● You can also learn a wedding floral design course and Wedding stage decoration course both of which are equally interesting and useful for your business.

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Start your own company: Basics Once you’ve successfully acquired enough experience and qualifications required for wedding management you are ready to go your own way. Follow these steps to set up your own wedding planning company that should rock the market: Step 1: Get a trade license. A trade license is absolutely necessary when you are planning to start your own company. A trade permit or license involves all the necessary federal and local permits required by your business. Your trade license would add to the credibility of your firm. Step 2: Build a website The internet is the most powerful weapon these days and it is not possible for any business to survive the competition without online marketing. You should build a presentable website that will contain all the necessary information about your work and contact details. If you want to improve the quality of your website you should

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throw in some of your past event’s pictures and even some testimonials and success stories. Whatever you do remember to connect with the client. It is very likely that once you meet your client the first thing they do is check out your website so make it presentable and worth buying. Step 3: Marketing strategies When looking for clients the most proactive tool that you will have at your disposal will be social media. Sites like Facebook Instagram or even Google Adword can be used effectively to reach your potential clients. Invest in a good social media marketing agency or contact a digital manager who will know how to get clients for your business. Step 4: Paperwork It is always important to have the necessary paperwork handy for every client that you serve. A client service agreement a liability agreement and a sales document would work just fine as long as it mentions all your terms and conditions. Your lawyer will be the best person to guide you on this. Step 5: Proper budgeting Negotiating is an important step while dealing with a client. Price your business at par with what your competitors are charging for the same line of business. The market rate of your service should be ideal but in case you want to cut down the price to get more clients you can do so. Just don’t go too overboard with reducing the price to tempt the clients. You still want to gain your margin of profit.

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Expert tips for wedding planning business Apart from those certificate courses and internships at events you still need to acquire well the first-hand experience to be the best wedding planner. Here are a few tips by professionals across the globe that will help you gain an insight into the pro planning business: 1. The first impression is the last impression: When looking for clients it is important to keep in mind that what they look at the first time they meet you will depend highly on whether they hire you or not. There is a certain etiquette to be followed by a wedding planner in terms of professionalism manner speech and behavior and you should abide by that. 2. Work on your social skills: Since wedding planning is a business where you require to make more and more contacts each day it will be a drawback to your business if you are an introvert. Wedding planners should be ready to make connections anywhere with anyone that is how they can sell their service. 3. Organization skills: Your organizational skill would stand a test when you are working as a professional wedding planner. Since there are tons of tasks to perform on a single day and the human mind is so effortlessly forgetful it would be helpful

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if you have a professional planner. The more organized your work is the easier it is to get tasks done. 4. Focus on the marketing strategy: A business without a good marketing strategy is like a balloon without air: utterly pointless Build a good marketing strategy that would work both online and offline and bring you enough proposals and clients. 5. Befriend competitors: While it may sound bizarre but keeping a good term with your competitors would only benefit you in the long run. It suggests professionalism in business and is highly appreciated. Plus that way you will have knowledge about what others in the market are doing and you won’t be left out.

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