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The Web Spanish School was launched in 2005 by an international team of language educators who recognized the opportunity to teach students Spanish online using newly developed, free communication tools like Skype and virtual blackboards. Thanks to these revolutionary technical advances, it was now practical to connect students with native-Spanish speaking teachers living thousands of miles away in their home country. Know more:


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Spanish for beginners - Web Spanish:

Spanish for beginners - Web Spanish

General Spanish Program :

General Spanish Program The General Spanish Program is our most popular course offering.  These Spanish classes online mix intense conversation practice with instruction of the rules of the Spanish language.  Whether your goal is to achieve basic conversational competency, or you need to pass your Spanish finals at college,  this course gives you the content, structure and direction you need for success. Methodology Like all the other programs at Web Spanish, our General Spanish course is taught using a communicative methodology. This means you will learn by speaking and interacting in Spanish.  This is not textbook learning: our classes are dynamic and fun and we guarantee you will begin improving your Spanish from the very first lesson. See Average Progress

Our Medical Spanish Course:

Our Medical Spanish Course Classes are communicative and emphasize conversation and role play using mock scenarios where you will learn and practice medical terminology and the grammar you need to apply it. After finishing the program, you will able to work competently with Spanish speakers and will have gained an appreciation of Latin American culture as it relates to health. Requirements Students need basic competency in Spanish in order to enroll in this program. This means they must be able to convey simple ideas in Spanish and have be able to manage both regular and irregular verbs in the present tense. If you are interested in this program but do not fulfill these requirements, we recommend that you enroll first in our General Spanish program.

What is the DELE Exam?:

What is the DELE Exam? The “DELE” (Diploma de Español como lengua extranjera) are diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language. They are official titles which accredit the level of Spanish-language competency and they are issued by the Cervantes Institute in the name of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in Spain. People take DELE exams to receive an objective evaluation of their Spanish ability in order to show employers or present to their college or university, but really anyone who is serious about learning Spanish can benefit by preparing for and taking this exam. Language students find that working towards a tangible goal - such as a DELE Certificate - helps keep them on track and motivated.

Study Abroad Option in Lima Peru :

Study Abroad Option in Lima Peru A Spanish immersion programs is the perfect complement to your online classes because studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country gives you the chance to practice what you have learned and to enjoy the access to the culture that your new language skills will give you. There is nothing better than travelling to a foreign country and being able to speak some of the language! With Web Spanish, we help you make this adventure a reality. Our school is partnered with “El Sol”, a Spanish immersion school located in Lima, Peru. Both of our institutions follow the same educational model and learning sequence so passing from one program to the other is a smooth transition.

Learn Spanish online with free video lessons:

Learn Spanish online with free video lessons Web Spanish has produced a comprehensive collection of more than 400 video tutorials that teach the grammar you need to learn to speak Spanish well. Students enrolled in either our General Spanish our Spanish for Medicine programs view these videos as part of their course, but now non-students can also subscribe and receive monthly viewing access.

Contact us:

Contact us Calle Grimaldo del Solar 469, Miraflores, Lima, Peru. Email: Phone: (51-1) 243-2513 Call toll free 1-800-381-1806 (US & Canada)

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