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With a team of expert web designers in Orange County, has been growing in leaps and bounds over the past few years.


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SEO Process and Planning:

SEO Process and Planning Website Promoters LLC -


The SEO Life Cycle:

Step #1: Define Objectives…:

Step #1: Define Objectives… Current Internet Marketing Program. Does Client have existing Analytics? Historical SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages). Client Budget, and Goals.

Step #2: Keyword Research…:

Step #2: Keyword Research… Determine 10 to 15 relevant Keywords for optimization. Determine if Paid Click Program would help reach Goals and compliment SEO. Prioritize Keywords by SERP Cost / Benefit Analysis.

Step #3: Website Optimization…:

Step #3: Website Optimization… Domain Name Analysis. Meta Tags. Keyword Seeding. Keyword Density and Code to Text Analysis. Anchor Links. PageRank Sculpting.

Step#4: Off Site Optimization…:

Step#4: Off Site Optimization… Create Third Party Link Program, that complies with Google White Hat Guidelines. Create WordPress Blog and create New Article Posts on regular schedule. Create YouTube Video Program. Create Twitter Account, and tweet all blog posts. Create Google+ account.

Step#5: Reporting and Analysis…:

Step#5: Reporting and Analysis… Prepare Reports for Data Analysis. Analyze current Analytics, and Website Search Engine Keyword Placement. Analyze Current Competitor Search Engine Placement, and changes. Create plan for next SEO cycle.

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