How to Increase your Organic Traffic?


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If you want to grow your sales online, you need this steps and strategy for your website traffic. Google always find new way how to make their search result more effective and user friendly, so you need also to know what is the factor how to double your traffic through this search engine


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How to Increase Your Organic Traffic

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Tap into these SEO trends to improve your website traffic for free This is not another "Top 10 SEO Trends to Increase Organic Traffic in 2018" these articles are everywhere. True this article is about actionable SEO techniques that marketers are using today not some hypothetical theories that may or may not work:

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A recent study by Ahrefs shows that the Top 10 ranking pages are also the oldest. With a tiny percentage of new pages showing up on the front. At least it takes 2- 6 months for a website to show up on the first page … …and that requires an ungodly amount of dedication patience and hard work.

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SEO takes time but the ROI is well worth it Your business will thank you. Borrowed in this article are the ideas of internet marketers who eat live and breath SEO. These are their secrets of attracting and maintaining a steady stream of organic traffic to their websites. Without spending a dime …

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…after all traffic is the fuel for your website. Without traffic you can ’t move up the ranks. Thus focus on attracting quality targeted traffic and the rest will follow.

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The Holy Trinity of SEO: In a recent SEO workshop by WIX Kate Bradshaw who is also WIX Ambassador and CEO of WebToday explained how search engines analyze your website. In just three words:

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1. Content: In-depth content that cover every angle of the topic is becoming the only way to rank. 2. Reputation: What your visitors are saying about your website. Are they commenting and sharing your content 3. Technical factors: Coding schema markups and loading speed of your website.

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Don’t Ignore Other Search Engines: Kevin Getch CEO of Webfor and President of SEMpdx recommends focusing on Bing especially for US businesses. As Bing has second market share in the US.

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Google is the biggest search engine in the US and the world. However focusing on other search engines pay off as well. Furthermore if you ’re not optimizing for voice search start now

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Meta Data Optimization: Sasha Evdakov an online entrepreneur shared a beginner SEO technique meta data:

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The URL Image Alt Title and Meta Description are strategic places to put your keywords and entice searchers to click. Make no mistake about it these are not ranking factors in themselves but the y’re great for attracting visitors to your website.

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Honest short and sweet is the way to go. Keep the title tag under 60 characters and meta description under 30 words. In your meta description include words like: “Community ” “Info rmation ” and “T op. ”

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Analytics: Neil Patel a superstar online marketer uses Google Search Console to analyze what keywords are performing best. Even if your website is a few months old you ’ve gathered enough information to work with. By analyzing your traffic sources keywords and referrals you can create better content.

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Even if your website is a few months old you ’ ve gathered enough information to work with. By analyzing your traffic sources keywords and referrals you can create better content. Remember: it’ s about providing value to your visitors if they find what they’re searching for they’ll return.

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Furthermore using the data you collect is the best way to understand what they want. The algorithms understand you more than you understand yourself.

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Notify subscribers: SEO Consultant Chase Reiner uses notifications to invite users back to his websites.

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Notifications help increase click through rate. It alerts visitors the same moment you publish new content. They can also attract visitors even when the y’re browsing other websites. Therefore you do n ’t have to send emails whenever you publish new content because users get notifications in real-time. Chase uses a handy tool called PushCrew. You can get a 14-days free trial to decide if it’ s worth serious commitment. Usually it is.

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Feature your content:

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There ’re several ways to drive traffic to your website using other website ’ s audiences. Guest blogging is one of them. But one of Brian Dean ’ s founder favorite strategies is resource pages. Resource pages include a list of websites that offers comprehensive content on a given topic. He uses the following search strings to find resource pages in his niche:

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"Your Keyword" + "Resource Page" "Your Keyword" + "Resources" "Your Keyword" + "Recommended Sites" "Your Keyword" + "Link"

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Once you find a good fit for your content contact the site owner and ask to feature your content. It’ s a numbers game but if your content is fantastic your chances will increase.

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Conclusion These are all free DIY trending SEO techniques. You can start implementing them today. So tell us which one is your favorite and which one are you going to apply on your website

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