Things Women Want from MEN


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7 Top Secret Women Really want in their dream Guys. Simple details attribute that men need to about them that attract women to them.


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Things Women Really Want In A Man:

Things Women Really Want In A Man 7 Things Women Really Want In A Man

Top Secret Men Must That Attract Women:

Top Secret Men Must That Attract Women

This are Following Attributes That Women Want From Men:

This are Following Attributes That Women Want From Men Intelligent: Every women want to be with intelligent men, which they can be proud of among their friends and co-workers in offices. Being an educated person often attract women to you also. Magic of your hands: You may have take her to hottest fast food or restaurant in your area, yet she may not mind if you can cook any of her favorite dishes (Or plain noddles to eat) when she’s hungry. Such kind of mood are never forgotten in women mind. Superman: Every women want to be protected. Kindly show in every ways that she secure than waiting for any moment to prove that you will be her saviour should your damsel land in distress! Women have respect for any men who they can find secure in any moment of conflict. Be very sure to grab any opportunity throw to you in that situation. Perfect body:   With various celebrities stars obsessed of having six packs or eight pack abs, with a well-toned body, by having all this attributes  things Girls will go Gaga for you. Kindly get into habit of doing regular workout session so you can make heads turn!

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Smelling  Good: This is one of greatest attributes that women really want in men. Deodorant Ads may be going overboard showing men being lured by women’s perfume. But the other way is also true. You need to use Deodorant that really suite you. When you are going on first date” Don’t Experiment using Deodorant you don’t used before”.  Know what smells good for you. Remember, what smelt heavenly on your friend might stink on your skin! For everything depends on your body odour . When you spray perfume on your body, what you smell is a combination of the deo spray and your body odour . Choose wisely. Transparency: The best policy is Honestly. Don’t ever lie to her and thinking that you guys will stay for long-term relationship. Don’t mind if you are going to face any challenges , but eventually you will win over her trust. Dress Good : Women flicked out whenever they see their men dress poorly. Try to check out your style of dress before going out, spot the trending fashion, consult stylist to find out what really good for your body shape. Clothes maketh man literally! For more Information, Secret and Tricks on how to Attract Women with any Stress Kindly check here

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