What is Digital Marketing Explained in Simple Terms

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In this presentation, we are describing What is digital marketing explained in simple terms. if you would like to know more about What is digital marketing explained in simple terms. See our PPT till the end. For more knowledge about Digital marketing strategy visit our website :- https://webocity.in


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What is Digital Marketing? Explained in Simple Terms :

What is Digital Marketing? Explained in Simple Terms

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WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING ? Digital Marketing is reaching out to your consumers or the target audience using digital platforms such as Social Media, Search Engines, Blogging platforms and Of Course Internet. In simpler words, Digital Marketing is using digital means to connect with people. Understanding Digital Marketing Digital Marketing works by targeting a specific and defined set of audience and is very interactive in nature. Digital marketing has picked up a lot and has been on a rise exponentially. Businesses of all sizes are going digital. Digital Marketing includes using Search Engine Marketing i.e Search result ads, Email marketing and Social Media Marketing i.e Facebook promotions and Instagram promotions. Webocity Technologies is one of the best result-driven Website Designing and  Digital Marketing company in Delhi NCR .

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Channels of Digital Marketing 1. PPC Advertising PPC advertising allows you to reach out to people on digital platforms through paid advertisements. PPC advertisements can be set up on quite a lot of digital platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook , Google, Pinterest and Bing. As you must have realized, some of these platforms are search engines, others are social media platforms. PPC campaigns work well and effectively because they can segment users based on demography and Interests which helps to identify and target a specific set of users. Webocity Technologies — The best  digital marketing company in Delhi  has both experience and learnings that can make your campaigns successful. Reach out to us at  https://webocity.in/  or drop an email at letsconnect@webocity.in

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2. Content Marketing The ultimate goal of content writing is to speak to audience while also reaching out to potential customers/audience. Content is generally published on a website and gets promoted and shared through various channels like social media, search engine, email marketing.

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3. Social media marketing Social Media marketing helps establish trust amongst people for the brand. Being able to reach out to Brand online on Social Media having someone responsive makes all the difference and makes a business stand out.

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4. Video Marketing YouTube has a considerable traffic and opinionated videos on anything and everything. People turn to platforms that they can get consumer feedback on and YouTube has gone way beyond the foreseeable in the context. Businesses have had tons of success stories when they integrated video marketing with other facets of digital marketing.

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5. Website Marketing Having website for a business is the first step in digital marketing. It is absolutely non-negotiable and centre of all the digital marketing activities. Consider your business website a digital address of your business and if you don’t have one, We at Webocity Technologies can help you out. Get in touch with us at letsconnect@webocity or call at +91–9167954370. Read More:  TOP 10 TIPS FOR DIGITAL MARKETING SUCCESS IN 2020

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6. Search Engine Optimization If you are not looking for paid advertisements, you can always opt for SEO. SEO helps you gain traffic and user attention organically without having to pay per click or impression. However , when it is organic, you are in it for the long run. It takes longer but once you have your website ranking, you can expect tons of inquiries coming in from potential customers .

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If you made to this point, we believe you must be looking for a  digital marketing company in India . Feel free to drop a message at  https://webocity.in/  or drop an email at letsconnect@webocity.in. Out team of digital marketing experts at Webocity Technologies will be happy to analyze your website and curate effective  Digital Marketing  Strategies that will keep your hands full with incoming inquiries round the clock. Read More :  Tips For Online Presence Original Source

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