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Top Two Laminate-Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Kitchen Countertop SUMMARY: The classic timeless appeal of a laminate kitchen countertop has never really allowed the material to go out of fashion and though it requires very little maintenance following a few simple suggestions would extend its life for sure. Though laminate kitchen countertops happened to be a rage during the period of the 1960s and 1970s they are even more popular these days and are widely available in various commercial stores in Mississauga and other major cities around the globe Laminate is a cost-effective alternative that is pretty durable easy to maintain and offers a myriad of choices in terms of shapes designs and colors. Some natural looking patterns and colors of the laminates are purpose-manufactured to resemble slate granite or other stones albeit at a small fraction of the expense while a few others flaunt extensive veins producing the appearance of mineral salts traversing through the design. One can find a wide range of affordable options in many established countertop manufacturers in GTA greater Toronto area and other global markets worldwide. Laminates are known for their flexibility of choices in comparison with other materials with respect to edging and come in a broad gamut of beveled and rolled edges. Furthermore it is one such substance that can be made to take the shape of a neat seamless cove backsplash for preventing any accidental spills from traveling all the way and going behind the kitchen cabinets. Though laminate countertops require very little care one should perform periodic and proper maintenance for sustaining their luster and extending their longevity. It is imperative for the consumers to religiously follow a few rules of thumb for minimizing the impact of daily use on them. MOST SIGNIFICANT SUGGESTIONS FOR LAMINATE MAINTENANCE AND CARE  Never allow a hot object to come in direct contact with the laminate Though laminate is purpose-made to be resistant to burns and scratches it does not necessarily mean that the material is immune to them. To sustain the finish and look of the countertop hot +275 0 F items should never be directly placed on its surface and protective buffering

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accessories such as an insulated hot pad or a trivet should always be used to safeguard the laminate from thermal damage. An occasional slip for an insignificant amount of time is tolerable provided the temperature of the article in question does not cross the stipulated thermal threshold of 275 0 F as mentioned before. However allowing the laminate to remain exposed to heat for long could make it de-attach from the substrate to which the material is bonded or it could even cause the laminate to melt. A scorch mark usually appears on a laminate when an individual is found to place a hot utensil on its surface. To suffice if anything seems a little too hot for setting on one’s hand then it is likely to be pretty hot for placing directly on the laminate surface.  Never use the laminate as a replacement for a cutting board Though laminate is known to be pretty robust for general use it could be cut with a typical kitchen knife inflicting damage to the superficial veneer and exposing the brown layer underneath. Hence the end users should always remember not to use their laminate countertops as cutting boards. CONCLUSION To summarize laminate countertops are durable affordable and not impervious. They continue to remain an excellent choice for the present day homeowners and could potentially last for several decades without any issues of discoloration provided one takes appropriate care as discussed above. Contact: Monty Sandhu Email Id: Phone No: 905-908-2442 647-885-3826 Website:

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