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What’s HappeningTo Our Real Estate Market : 

What’s HappeningTo Our Real Estate Market Can I Make Money As A Real Estate Investor?

A Few Things To Consider : 

A Few Things To Consider How is this DAMN market changing? Is this a good market to be a real estate investor in? Is there any private money out there to help me with my investments? How do I find these Thousands of Distressed properties? How do I flip them to make a profit?

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One Million More Houses Will Go Into Foreclosure. Foreclosures Were Up This Month. Unemployment Went unchanged at 9.5% Economy Did Not Improve Market Will Not Improve Until 2014 -2015

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Is There Opportunity For Investors? Are There Buyers For My Properties? Can They Get Financing?

Plenty Of Opportunity : 

Plenty Of Opportunity Plenty of Opportunity Stock Market To Volatile Investor's With Money Need to Invest Start Searching For Investors What They Are Looking For

What An Investor Looks For : 

What An Investor Looks For Lets just say you found and entered into an agreement for this property. You do the short sale and the bank agrees to your $300,000 offer. Market value on the property is at $380,000. During the short sale process you find a buyer that will purchase this home from you for $360,000. But, you know the bank is going to have you sign a document attesting to the fact that you cannot sell the home for 30 days. You have to find a Private Money Lender to close with you . The PML put up $300,000 cash for the property and you close. You wait the 30 days then close with your new buyer who purchased the property for $360,000. After expenses of $20,000 you now have a $40,000 return from this sale. You split with the PML and both of you walk away with $20,000. Not Bad. The PML makes 6.6% on his 30 day investment. Still not a bad investment. Let me see if the PML can make such a secure investment some where else. These are the type of work ups you need to put together to show a Private Money Investor.

Marketing Campaign : 

Marketing Campaign Find Neighborhoods that your familiar with Put up bandit signs Craigslist Friends, Relatives, Work Associates Ad boards, Information Boards Websites Article Marketing

Now Is The Time : 

Now Is The Time Thousands of Opportunities Private Money Investors Need You Distressed Home Owners Need You YOU RULE

Contact Bill Kabat : 

Contact Bill Kabat Should you have any questions about this presentation or would like further help in developing any of these skills to make yourself a better Real Estate Investor, Please just give me a call or drop me an e-mail. Bill Kabat 847-397-6522 Home.seller@comcast.net

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