Penguin Attack and Counter-attack


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The following PPT discusses the major features of Penguin SEO update and how SEO experts can save their site from wrath of Penguin.


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Penguin Attack & Counter-attack! Clash of the Web Master & Webmasters:

Penguin Attack & Counter-attack! Clash of the Web Master & Webmasters

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The “ cute ” Arctic bird had a new identity on 24 April 2012! Google's update took the Web by storm. More than the alleged 3% sites affected and stripped of their ranks... …and deep they dipped like icebergs!

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Google HATES Black Hat SEO! If a site uses content spamming and unethical linking… WHY? Penguin is here to PUNISH it!

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Fight Back! ...but if YOU were Punished Unfairly...

Do the due…:

Do the due… 1. Share content on social networking sites. A “like”, “tweet” or “+1” is more valuable than dozens of poor backlinks. 2. Connect article keywords with relevant sub-pages. Use different keywords as anchor text, preferably in a phrase that is “natural”. 3. Don’t connect every backlink with the homepage. Direct the backlinks to important and relevant sub-pages. 4. Stop acquiring backlinks from low quality sites. Quality is more important than quantity. 5. Write interesting, genuine and informative content to increase readership.

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Writing for Your Readers is Writing for Google. ...know it, believe it, follow it... Penguin likes Quality Content. Keywords don’t matter, as long as Readers are HAPPY!

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