How Can The Web Development Trends of 2018 Impact Businesses?

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The web development trends of 2018 has given a lot of flexibility to the web developers. Learn about the web development trends of 2018 from our blog. Link:


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How Can The Web Development Trends of 2018 Impact Businesses The trends in web development are known to change a lot faster compared to the speed at which they are implemented. This is why it is necessary for any business to be in a leading position in this game. Technology is evolving constantly and a number of new developments are responsible for infuencing the web world. These developments include OpenStack Progressive Web Apps Rust Artifcial Intelligence Cognitive Cloud and much more. There are various web technology platforms that are known to have an impact on web development services. Listed below are the web development trends which are expected to gain popularity in the year 2018. Progressive Web Applications The world came to know about the progressive web applications in the year 2015. These applications were considered to be very important for web development. However in the year 2018 the progressive web applications

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PWAs have become one of the major competitors for all the native mobile applications. The PWAs are websites that behave like the local mobile applications. Since they can also work ofine they are capable of delivering a great user experience. The users also get the opportunity to save the shortcuts to the websites on the home screen of their mobile phones if they are making use of it frequently. One of the greatest advantages of PWAs is that they have the ability to work without a connection. It is true that this technology is new but the prospects look extremely promising. Online Customer Support The chatbots became famous in the year 2016. You might already be aware of the fact that there are a number of bots now. The quality of service provided by these bots is making them one of the popular technologies in the year 2018. It can be predicted that around 85 of all the customer interactions can proceed without any kind of human assistance by the year 2020. The customer service chatbots have become a common feature on almost all the websites. It does not matter if you are selling crocheted toys electronics or the services for software development it is important that you have chatbots. When you have a bot on your company’s website you can connect with your client in almost any situation. Static Websites The initial years of the World Wide Web were famous mostly because of the unique concept of the static website. Thereafter the dynamic websites started to gain a lot of popularity. The dynamic websites were much more functional and could be easily updated by a person who did not come from a technical background. However considering today’s scenario the static websites are an important web development trends of 2018 . The static websites have gone through a lot of improvements by the static site generators. These have brought about the combined advantages of static websites and CMS technology. The popular generators like Gatsby Hexo and GitBook are written in JavaScript. The static websites are faster cheaper and safer and capable of satisfying the needs of diferent kinds of businesses. Single Page Websites The single page websites are the important web development trends of 2018 that are responsible for infuencing the web development process. These websites allow the insertion of all the contents into a single scrollable page by removing the clutters. The single page websites have various advantages such

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as not challenging the visitors with dificult navigation text clutter and a multi-level menu. All the essential pieces of information are available on a single page and the only thing the user has to do is to scroll down the page. Motion UI Motion UI is trending and is again responsible for infuencing web development. Simplicity has become a trend now. The users are tired of the fashing ads and the crazy GIFs. This is why the websites that have moderate designs are bound to receive more appreciation. Motion UI has gained a lot of popularity and the animations have added sophistication and style to the websites. There are a number of ways in which your website can be made lively. This includes the header transitions animated charts modular scrolling as well as background animations. All these contribute towards making the web presence a lot more enjoyable for all the users. JavaScript- Angular 2 and Angular 4 JavaScript is one of the best programming languages for all the web applications. The release of Angular 2 has been highly appreciated for facilitating the process of modern day web development. Angular 2 is simpler and faster in comparison to its predecessor. It also follows the mobile approach which is necessary for 2018 and beyond as customers are increasingly using mobile devices to access the internet services. Its higher version Angular 4 on the other hand appeared in the year 2017. It consumes even lesser space and has helped in reducing the size of the code. All the new web technologies have infuenced web development in a variety of ways. It is true that a website is extremely important for a company as it can help to attract new customers satisfy the existing ones and encourage the previous ones to come back. Thus while creating or redesigning a website the above web development trends of 2018 should be kept in mind. So are you looking forward to develop a website by using the latest web technologies Contact Us today You can read the full content: development-trends-of-2018/ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ WebGuru Infosystems Email ID: enquirywebguru­ Phone No.: +91­33­40200844 Mobile No.: +91­8420197208

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