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Slide 1: 

be inspired

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Slide 3: 

You can’t make it ...

Slide 4: 

on your own

Slide 5: 

Combine your knowledge

Slide 6: 

None of us is smarter ...

Slide 7: 

than ALL of us.

Slide 8: 

Welcome greatness ...

Slide 9: 

it lives all around you.

Slide 10: 

Choose ... to THINK the best about others

Slide 11: 

Choose ... to BELIEVE the best about others

Slide 12: 

Be Enthusiastic !!

Slide 13: 

Lift people UP ...

Slide 14: 

Don’t put them down.

Slide 15: 

Develop the ability ...

Slide 16: 

... to find the ability in others.

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Slide 18: 

Help others to be LIKED

Slide 19: 

Help others to be RIGHT.

Slide 20: 

Help others to be COMFORTABLE.

Slide 21: 

Help others to be WINNERS.

Slide 22: 

Get your ego out of the way.

Slide 23: 

Replace “I” with “WE”

Slide 24: 

INSPIRE someone ...

Slide 25: 

... to be the BEST they can be.

Slide 26: 

THINK like a person of action

Slide 27: 

ACT, like a person of thought.

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Slide 29: 

COMMIT yourself ...

Slide 30: 

to something “BIGGER”

Slide 31: 

Act as if what you do ...

Slide 32: 

makes a difference.

Slide 33: 


Slide 34: 

GO for it !!

Slide 35: 

Start an epidemic of enthusiasm

Slide 36: 

Throw your heart over the bar ...

Slide 37: 

And your body will follow.

Slide 38: 

Don’t waste your time waiting for inspiration

Slide 39: 


Slide 40: 

and inspiration will find you !

Slide 41: 

Be on a mission !

Slide 42: 

Never let weeds grow under your dreams

Slide 43: 

Never mistake knowledge ...

Slide 44: 

for wisdom.

Slide 45: 

Never chase a lie.

Slide 46: 

Never laugh at anyone’s DREAM

Slide 47: 

NEVER make excuses

Slide 48: 

CELEBRATE what you want more of

Slide 49: 

Make promises, sparingly.

Slide 50: 

Keep them, faithfully.

Slide 51: 

Develop a tolerance ...

Slide 52: 

for failure

Slide 53: 


Slide 54: 

Keep your promises.

Slide 55: 

Never kill an idea.

Slide 56: 

Pursue character, before prosperity

Slide 57: 


Slide 58: 

Always ask, “What if ..?”

Slide 59: 

Give so much time to the improvement ...

Slide 60: 


Slide 61: 

that you don’t have time to criticize others.

Slide 62: 

Create an atmosphere of forgiveness.

Slide 63: 

Make your word, your bond.

Slide 64: 

Don’t be little ...

Slide 65: 

be BIG!

Slide 66: 

Learn to say “NO” to the good ...

Slide 67: 

So you can say “YES!!” to the great.

Slide 68: 

Be unpopular when necessary.

Slide 69: 

Never be ashamed of what you believe

Slide 70: 

Never ‘let up’ when you are ahead

Slide 71: 

Don’t blow your own horn

Slide 72: 

or you might just miss the music

Slide 73: 

Let others lead small lives ...

Slide 74: 

but not YOU.

Slide 75: 

Let others argue over small things ...

Slide 76: 

but not YOU.

Slide 77: 

Let others cry over small hurts ...

Slide 78: 

but not YOU.

Slide 79: 

Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands ...

Slide 80: 

but not YOU.

Slide 81: 

Never be afraid to DREAM.

Slide 82: 

Be afraid not to.

Slide 83: 

Never be afraid to Live.

Slide 84: 

Be afraid not to.

Slide 85: 

Never be afraid to LOVE.

Slide 86: 

Be afraid not to.

Slide 87: 

Never be afraid to LAUGH.

Slide 88: 

Be afraid not to.

Slide 89: 

You are ALIVE ...

Slide 90: 

... live that way.

Slide 92:

Slide 93: 

be inspiring for someone. today.

Slide 94: 

this video was inspired by Jim Rohn.

Slide 95: 

Handle with care

Slide 96: 

the HOPES and DREAMS of others.

Slide 97: 

To steal another’s hope ...

Slide 98: 

... is to steal their life.

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