Top Marketing Trends Every Small Business Needs to Know for 2013

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Top Marketing Trends Every Small Business Needs to Know for 2013:

Top Marketing Trends Every Small Business Needs to Know for 2013 Staying on top of search engine optimization (SEO) changes and social media trends can seem tough when your schedule is already full, but conducting a quick year-end assessment of your website or marketing strategies is one of the best ways to help manage your online presence and achieve marketing goals . Focusing on these four small business marketing trends for the upcoming New Year can help your business and website thrive in a crowded marketplace: 1. Post relevant information that captivates readers and keeps them coming back for more. The days of boring websites that do little more than promote a company’s goods and services are over. A website should not look like an outdated Yellow Pages ad! If your website is guilty of that offense, it’s time for a transformation. Get a web design quote and let the designers give your site a makeover. Once its appearance is back in the game, make sure the site is updated regularly with quality, relevant content that’s actually interesting to clients and potential clients. Blog posts and infographics are a great way to achieve this, and both can be shared easily on social networks. 2. Support mobile website visitors.

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People are beginning to use smart phones and tablets more than traditional PCs and laptops. If your current website does not display properly on mobile devices, you could be losing some of your best customers and potential customers. Ask for your web design quote to include transitioning your site to a responsive theme that adjusts your site’s size to the viewing area of the visitor’s device. (In laymen’s terms, the site will appear to “shrink” so that it displays properly on phones and tablets.) 3. Expand your social media presence. “If you build it, they will come” does not hold true for most small business websites. Expand your presence with the appropriate social media outlets for your niche. These may include Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest , or Instagram . Not only will you help create more visibility for your brand, you will be able to network with others with similar interests both online, as well as offline. Customers have started reaching out to companies when they are pleased, as well as when they are angry. Don’t let the general public spread bad things about your company on social media sites,simply because you were not there to respond and remedy the situation.

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4. Evaluate your SEO needs and goals. Although hiring a professional SEO company will cost your business money, it will most likely take more time and effort to attempt the task yourself—and your results may not even be what you had aimed to achieve. If you or your employees do not honestly understand SEO, an expert with professional knowledge can help improve search engine rankings while increasing website traffic. Waiting until the last minute is a tempting tactic for many busy small business owners, but taking advantage of these four marketing trends for 2013 now rather than in the months to come can help save time, effort, and plenty of headaches. To know more about Robotforce adn website design company toronto , low cost web design , web design packages , budget web design ,web design quote ,web design services toronto visit : Article Resource:

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