Is Google Site Kit Really Useful For WordPress Site Management

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If you are running a WordPress website, chances are good you would be using several tools to track its performance. Maybe you wanted to check on how much traffic your website is getting or whether your SEO efforts are elevating your rankings. There are numerous tools available to serve your purpose, whether it is Google Search Console, Google Analytics, or some other. Read more on


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Is Google Site Kit Really Useful For WordPress Site Management If you are running a WordPress website chances are good you would be using several tools to track its performance. Maybe you wanted to check on how much traffic your website is getting or whether your SEO efforts are elevating your rankings. There are numerous tools available to serve your purpose whether it is Google Search Console Google Analytics or some other.

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Now tell me one thing: do you feel a bit of a hassle when using each of this software individually What if I provide you a solution to get rid of this botheration in one go The Google Site Kit is a simple plugin you can install to keep track of everything happening within your site. Let’s know what a Google Site Kit is and how it facilitates the WordPress website management. What Is A Google Site Kit It is a WordPress plugin aimed to easily link your site to multiple services and render the needed information on your WordPress dashboard. With quick access to your website reports it allows you to check all information about your site in one place. If this sounds good to you just head to the official WordPress repository and download it for free. In case the built-in services let you know that your website is receiving low traffic allow us to deploy our team to increase your visitors count. Serving the web design and SEO industry for a long time now our ​Los Angeles web design company has gained expertise in every support your website needs. Be it about giving an elegant look to your site or promoting your products on the digital platform our agency SFWP Experts is up for that. What Does A Google Site Kit Include 1. Search Console - It provides you information about your site ranking in the search results and what queries users type in the search field to find it.

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2. Analytics - This gets you information about how visitors navigate your site what pages they view and when they abandon it. That’s not all you can obtain many more such details once you start using it. 3. PageSpeed Insights - Comes in handy to know how your website is performing and what you can do to improve it further. 4. Adsense - Allows you to put relevant PPC ads on your site to help you make money out of them. 5. Optimize - Good for performing A/B tests on your site and helping you to make better decisions. 6. Tag Manager - Works well to deploy marketing tags on your site and without messing with the codes. With so many resources at your disposal you can deduce easily how having a Google Site Kit can lessen your pain of site management. Are you noticing a consistent drop in your conversions for the last few days Share the matter with our Los Angeles web design company and then we will take the needful action to improve it. In the past some years we have increased the conversion rate of over 800 businesses worldwide and are looking to offer our services to you now. With that in mind let’s understand how to set up Google Site Kit in WordPress and take its advantage. How To Set Up Google Site Kit In WordPress 1. Install The Google Site Kit Plugin

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Just head to Plugins Add New and enter “Site Kit” in the search box provided there. Once you have found it click on the “Install Now” button and then let it be downloaded on your site. After the download gets completed make it ready to function by clicking on the “Activate” button. 2. Launch The Setup Then Add Google Search Console Once the Site Kit is activated you will see a new prompt on your computer screen. Now hit that big blue button saying “Start Setup” and initiate configuring the “Site Kit” plugin. If you want you can also checkmark the box there to track your usage for future enhancements. Post the click on the above button you will be taken to an external page where you need to sign in to your Google account. Once you are there hit “Sign in with Google” and choose the account with which you want to get in. Next you will be asked to grant multiple permissions to Site Kit to get it deployed on your site just allow all of them. Finally you will have to add your site to Search Console by clicking on the blue-colored button saying “Add Site”. On that done you will be brought back to the dashboard of your WordPress website where the Site Kit is already activated.

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Is your website responding slow to clicks or sometimes not reacting at all Let us check what’s wrong with your site and fix it quickly to re-deploy it on the web. ​Our Wordpress developer expert team has proven experience for website development maintenance and repair. 3. Add Additional Services To Your Site Once you come back to the Site Kit dashboard you can see the results of what you just did. However to let you obtain more information about your site we would like you to add more Google services. To do that you need to head over Site Kit and then click on Settings. Here you will see three tabs at the top naming Connected Services Connect More Services and Admin Settings. It’s pretty obvious from the name that connected services will have the tools you have already added to your site so you should see only Search Console under this tab. Now click on the tab next to Connected Services and here you will get more applications to add to your WordPress website. Now you can add Analytics AdSense PageSpeed Insights and much more software here that will give you an overall report of your site. 4. View Your Dashboard After you have performed all the setup work it’s time to check the dashboard you created. Go over Site Kit Dashboard and there you will find your new Google dashboard note that it can be accessed by admins only.

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Once you are granted access you will be able to see the entire data provided by Google services you just added to your site. It’s like having your own custom dashboard with all the essentials you wanted to utilize. Keep in mind that still you can connect your site to other Google services that you think are important. However having too many of them could make your look cluttered and difficult to manage so ensure to do it sparingly. In case your reworked WordPress website is loading slow and you want to hire a ​WordPress website design agency to optimize it for fast loading trust our Los Angeles web design company for this. Thanks to our ability to meticulously analyze the content of each site that helps us to easily determine what areas of a website need to be optimized and what is already doing fine. Once you partner with us you don’t have to be concerned about almost anything your site needs and that’s a promise. 5. Check Out Your Individual Dashboards In addition to the data you can access your website you also get the option to view individual dashboards for each service. You can have a look at it on the side of your Google Site Kit menu. When you click on any one of them you will get complete information from the added services like Analytics Search Console PageSpeed Insights and others. 6. Configure Your Admin Settings Aside from the settings you did earlier now it’s time to carry out the Admin Settings. To perform it you will have to go towards Site Kit Settings Admin Settings. Here you will see the current status of the Site Kit plugin and an option to reset it. In case you want to reset the plugin all the code snippets will be

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deleted that the plugin has added to your site and then you can start everything from the beginning. That’s not all you can also turn tracking on or off when it comes to allowing Google to access your usage statistics. Have you been tracking how people use your site What did you come to know Do visitors often leave your site after landing on a certain page Let us do our research work and find out what’s compelling them to do that and fix it at earliest. Just what you need to know experts at our Los Angeles web design company have great experience dealing with such issues and can resolve yours real soon. 7. Deactivate Services If You Don’t Need There might come a time in the future when you don’t want to use any of the Google services on your site. So when you feel like that simply disable it from your dashboard and get your site as it was earlier. For that locate your “Site Kit” go to “Settings” and then click on the Connected Services. Here you will have all the Google services on your screen that are currently running on your site. Open whichever you want by hitting the tiny arrow icon on the right-hand side. Once done you can see the status of that particular service and can also edit the settings by clicking a button at the bottom. If you don’t want to edit anything and remove any particular Google service simply click on the Disconnect link at the bottom right corner of the page. After hitting the button the plugin will take your confirmation and once you have responded that service will be removed from your site.

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Similarly you can remove the Google Site Kit as a whole by going to its menu and selecting your Google ID in the top right corner. A small menu will be opened on your screen and there you can choose Disconnect. This will also ask for confirmation and once you have made the decision Site Kit won’t be linked to your website anymore. So What Is Google Site Kit Like It’s amazing and you should definitely give it a go if you want to make your WordPress website management easier. If you have any queries or questions about Google Site Kit make sure it reaches us in the shortest possible time so we can assist you promptly. Also be informed that ​SFWP Experts is a purely business-focused web design company in Los Angeles that caters to clients in the software and online marketing sectors across the globe. When it comes to qualified services you can have several expectations from us like WordPress web design web development website hosting and maintenance brand promotion online advertising SEO and more. Read more Blogs: What Is A Lead Magnet Explained With 13 Best Lead Magnet Ideas 2020 What Is Guerrilla Marketing Top Effective Examples And Tactics Contact Details: 213-277-9177

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